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Queer artist morgxn
Queer artist wants LGBTI youth struggling with anxiety to know they can ‘be messy’

Morgxn released a new video in which he sings about mental health

An older man looks through blinds
Older LGBTI people fear having to return to the closet

A new documentary explores the experiences of older LGBTI people in Scotland and their fears about the care sector

33-year-old Ethan Parker, the non-binary artist who created a Black History Month comic on Instagram
This gender nonconforming artist released a Black History Month comic on Instagram

‘I spend countless hours pouring over my works. So when the subject matter is quite heavy, it has a way of settling into my bones’

When 15-year-old Maia came out as bi to her mom, she was surprised to learn that her mom is bi, too
This teen girl came out as bi to her mom, only to learn her mom is bi as well

15-year-old Maia from Belgium had an amazing experience coming out as bisexual to her mother

Still from the Pride episode of Queer Kid Stuff
This webshow educates kids about the LGBTI community

Hosted by Lindsay, a queer person, and their best stuffed friend Teddy, this web show is the perfect way to introduce kids to the concept of LGBTI identity

Two men have an argument in their bedroom
How to end a relationship and walk away with dignity

Psychotherapist Michael Dale Kimmel looks at the do’s and don’ts of ending a relationship and moving on

A bisexual Pride parade in 2018 - 2019 had been heralded the year of 20-bi-teen
Are you doing your bit for 20-bi-teen?

‘Let’s make 2019 – heralded as 20-bi-teen – the year we finally address the issues facing the bisexaul community,’ says Lois Shearing

Camp Tawonga will be trying out all-gender cabins for a session this summer
California sleepaway camp to introduce all-gender bunks this summer

Camp Tawonga has seen an increase of non-binary campers and counselors over the last few years

From left: Blue Diamond, Steven Universe, White Diamond, and Yellow Diamond
Steven Universe season finale shows the importance of chosen family

Steven is no longer Rose Quartz or Pink Diamond — he is just Steven

Trans people on Twitter are sharing the stories of how they got their names
Trans people share their name stories on Twitter

Using the hashtag #TransNameStory, trans people are sharing their unique and personal stories of self-discovery

Woman wearing a rainbow flag kisses woman
Here’s what you need to know about cervical cancer

For Cervical Cancer Prevention Week we put together everything you need to know about this preventable cancer

Depression can happen to anyone | Photo: Talk to Change
Feeling blue? LGBTI people living with depression give advice on how to cope

Here’s some advice on how to cope with depression

Protestors carry signs at the NYC Women's March, with Trump Tower in the background
The Women’s March takes to the streets for the third year

But things are different this time around, after controversy surrounding the National Women’s March leaders

Two men in bed snuggle with one another before sleep
Could sleeping in separate bedrooms help your relationship?

We spoke to four gay people who live with a partner but sleep in separate bedrooms

Buck Angel
Buck Angel gives advice to trans men at the gynecologist

‘I’ve begun developing a concrete list of tips on how to get the best care from your gynecologist if you’re trans’

A man checks his cellphone - opinion column on HIV stigma
This year it’s time we took control of our digital queer spaces

After Tumblr adult content ban and Facebook new guidelines, queer users can turn to a more inclusive platform

Gay Israeli activist Hen Mazzig
Meet Hen Mazzig: the gay Israeli activist challenging bigotry from the Left and Right

‘Being queer, a person of color, liberal, progressive, and a proud Israeli means being politically homeless’

A closeup of a girl looking sad and holding a mug in her hands.
Here are 5 mental health tips for any LGBTI person during the holiday season

Love it or loathe it, the festive season can be especially hard on any LGBTI person’s mental health

Jen Deerwater is bringing awareness to Native women's #MeToos
This Two-Spirited Cherokee is bringing awareness to Indigenous women’s #MeToos

‘All he saw was a disabled, queer, Native that couldn’t and wouldn’t fight back. He was dead wrong’

Meet the gay man who wants to help LGBTI people live happier lives

Rob Curtis believes the queer world needs more than a hook-up app, but how do you create long-lasting, meaningful connections across the LGBTI board?

Nathaniel Hall became HIV positive when is was 16
What I learned after acquiring HIV at 16 from the first man I had sex with

Performer Nathaniel Hall became HIV positive as a teenager but kept it a secret from his family for 14 years until a breakdown in 2017 prompted him to speak out

Is happiness truly open to all gay men?

Gay men are connecting in a brand new way…

Photography from a Naked Paint Party by Landyn Pan
This artist’s Naked Paint Parties are a celebration of trans and non-binary bodies

‘I just want these photos to show what’s being ignored, what’s not necessarily simple, respectable, beautiful or palatable’

Meet Konrad Juengling: the pro-LGBTI activist who is now ‘coming out’ as Atheist

‘I’m everything I despised as a teenager: liberal, gay, atheist, and sometimes-vegan’

Thomas Noakes at this year's Manchester Pride.
Family and friends pay tribute to gay man found dead at Manchester’s Britannia Hotel

Thomas Noakes’s loved ones share fun and heartbreaking memories of him exclusively for GSN

A man in rehab looks out of a window
What happens when you go into rehab?

Three gay men share their experiences of residential rehabilitation and recovery centers

Transmasculine activist Cass Bliss free bleeding for the #BleedingWhileTrans menstruation campaign
This trans person wants you to know that women aren’t the only people who get periods

‘I have to navigate the challenges of getting my period every month in a world that refuses to acknowledge that not everyone who gets their period is a woman’

Trans business woman, model, techie, and actor Angelica Ross
Before starring in Pose, Angelica Ross was kicked out of the Navy

Ross worked jobs as a waitress, cosmetologist, realtor, model, web master, and actor following her Navy discharge

This gender-neutral style of parenting relieves kids of gendered stereotypes
Meet the parents raising ‘theybies’ and letting their kids choose their own gender

This gender-neutral style of parenting lets kids be themselves without the pressure of gender stereotypes

A man sits alone in the wilderness
How to be alone

Does the thought of being alone fill you with dread? Psychotherapist Michael Dale Kimmel offers advice