David McDiarmid of DigitasLBi
‘The online world is a brilliant force for advocating change’

David McDiarmid, Head of Paid Search at global marketing and technology agency DigitasLBi, talks to GSN about his role and being out at work

Michael Brunt, CMO at The Economist
Why it’s better to be ‘out’ than in

Michael Brunt, CMO at The Economist, on being out at work and why being authentic can only help your creative powers

Warren Hallett sought asylum in the UK - and now works for the Home Office
Read how this gay, former asylum seeker has now forged a career with UK Home Office

‘I was deeply ashamed of my immigration status … Introducing yourself as an asylum seeker to a date or someone you fancy at a gay bar is just not a cool thing to do!’

After graduating from law school, James Reed was shocked by the attitude of his first employer
Entering the workplace drove me back in the closet – until I switched employer

Attorney James Reed: ‘By the end of the first month of my job, I had retreated so far back into the closet that I began to lie again, just like I had in high school.’

Laurence Best
‘I absolutely refuse to let the defendant victimize my client’

Attorney Laurence Best explains how coming out as gay later in life allowed him to finally lead an ‘authentic and whole life’

Attorney Carrington 'Rusty' Mead
‘My life as a lesbian made me an outsider which placed me outside the rules’

Carrington M. Mead, a Florida-based attorney, explains how she carved out a successful law career despite facing initial resistance from her family

Kate Scott-Hughes works with the UK's Crown Prosecution Service
Kate Scott-Hughes: ‘It’s so important to have role models within an organization’

Scott-Hughes is a civil servant working for the UK’s Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), and Vice Chair of the Civil Service Rainbow Alliance

Teacher Anna Kellner and her son
Anna Kellner: ‘I am glad I am out at school; it feels good not hiding being gay’

The UK-based teacher said she came out at school partly because she couldn’t contain her excitement when her wife became pregnant

Karin Cook is Group Director of Operations, Lloyd Banking Group
Karin Cook: ‘Everyone should be able to bring their whole selves to work.’

A ‘Top Straight Ally’ on this year’s OUTstanding Top 30 Allies’ List, Karin Cook, of Lloyds Banking Group, shares her experience championing the LGBT agenda at one of Britain’s biggest banks

Mark McBride-Wright wants more LGBTI people to consider careers in engineering
Mark McBride-Wright: ‘Bringing your whole self to work gives you the capacity for creativity’

The British engineer, co-founder and chair of LGBTI network group InterEngineering, says the sector still suffers because of its stereotypical, male-dominated image

London's Martyn Loukes was honored by Queen Elizabeth for services to LGBT diversity
Martyn Loukes: ‘Having one less thing to worry about makes you happier’

Loukes is a Business Development Manager with Transport for London (TfL). Earlier this year, he was awarded a British Empire Medal by the Queen for his services promoting LGBT diversity

Camila Costa
Camila Costa: ‘Job performance has nothing to do with being straight or not’

The Brazil-based translator explains why she is a straight ally and campaigner for workplace equality

David Weston
David Weston: ‘My decision to be out at work came after profoundly difficult personal issues’

The founder of the Teacher Development Trust talks about his decision to come out at the school where he worked

Lord John Browne
The Glass Closet mission

The aims of The Glass Closet

The Glass Closet book
The Glass Closet book

The book that explains why it’s better for you, your business and the economy when you bring your authentic self to work

Lord Browne
The Glass Closet story and Lord Browne

How The Glass Closet came about and more about its author, Lord Browne

The Glass Closet book cover

Organizations, surveys, videos and advocacy groups that can help you improve LGBTI diversity and inclusion at work

Proud screen saver for your device
Office tools

Do you want to demonstrate that you’re proud to be out at work? Or that you support LGBTI colleagues?

A keyboard bathed in rainbow light
Share your story

Your story about being out at work could inspire others

David Baker
David Baker: ‘When I started to question my sexuality I was removed from school.’

David Baker is an MBA Candidate 2016 at Oxford Said Business School. Despite his religious, conservative background, here he explains how he has been inspired to be out in his studies and future career

Lord Browne
The Glass Closet: What happened next

EXCLUSIVE: Lord John Browne shares an extract from his foreword to the paperback edition of The Glass Closet

Jader Correa
Jader Correa: ‘Film and television casting directors are homophobic’

An actor and graphic designer in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Correa reflects on being out at work and experiencing homophobia in the acting world

Daniel Docherty: ‘The reaction to our ally program was overwhelming’

A Vice President at Bank of America Merill Lynch, Docherty reflects on the success of the organization’s Ally program in fostering an environment of diversity and inclusion

Sander van ‘t Noordende: ‘Being out at work has enabled me to fully realize my potential’

The Group Chief Executive, Products Operating Group, Accenture, offers practical advice on being out at work

Stephen Frost: ‘Some people perceived me to be an activist simply because I was being myself.’

The Head of Diversity and Inclusion, KPMG, reflects on his role at the Olympic games in London in 2012, and how being an out gay man in a senior position encouraged others to be themselves

Andrew Barratt: ‘Authenticity is one of the most important things in life to uphold’

Barratt works for global advertising and marketing company, Ogilvy and Mather, and is the founder and head of Ogilvy Pride UK. Ogilvy and Mather scored 100% as a ‘Best LGBT Place to Work’ in the Human Rights Campaign 2015 Corporate Index

Bob Witeck: ‘American Airlines helped other brands to come out of the corporate closet’

The President and Founder of Witeck Communications reflects on a key moment in corporate America’s evolution regarding the public endorsement of LGBT issues

Carole Cameron: ‘Even if someone is uncomfortable with gay people, you can win them over with your work’

A senior manager with aerospace and defense company, Lockheed Martin, Cameron reflects on the advantages of being out at work from the day you join a company

Mike Lowe: ‘It makes more sense to look forward than back’

Formerly a sales director in the printing industry, Lowe – now retired – decided to come out after a heart attack in his early 40s made him realize the importance of living life on his own terms

Fabrice Houdart: ‘Coming out relieved me of the shame I had felt for so many years’

Now working for World Bank as a Senior Country Officer for Maghreb, Houdart reflects on coming out at work and the journey that business has undertaken in respect to LGBTI workplace equality