Prides and Festivals

Unveiling the LGBT+ flag in South Georgia.
The Arctic and Antarctic have just celebrated the first ever Polar Pride

Photos of Polar Pride promoting LGBT+ inclusion in polar science.

Sydney Mardi Gras.
Sydney Mardi Gras parade will be very different in 2021

The event is going ahead but in a new location and with a new format as it adapts to COVID.

Taiwan Pride 2020.
Coronavirus-free Taiwan celebrates Pride with 130,000 crowd

Pictures of the biggest Pride since the coronavirus pandemic swept the world.

Chester Pride volunteers helping their local foodbank.
This Pride is helping to make sure families won’t go hungry this Christmas

Pride may have been cancelled this year but LGBT+ organizers are still serving their city.

Mauritius Pride 2020
Mauritius celebrates Pride despite coronavirus and gay sex being illegal

The tropical island previously had to cancel a Pride because of death threats against the organizer.

Odessa Pride: Victim helped into ambulance.
Neo-Nazi thugs attack Pride parade with pepper spray, eggs and stones

16 people arrested. Unknown number of injuries. Pride organizers say police stood by despite promising protection.

The Digital Pride floats placed over the beach in the LGBT+ friendly city of Brighton, England.
These Snapchat artists created a Pride that happens before your eyes

Meet the Snapchat lens creators who teamed up with GSN’s Digital Pride and AMV BBDO to create virtual festival floats.

LGBT+ pup at Pride.
Kink lovers want more visibility at Pride

Almost half of kink and fetish lovers feel Prides do not represent them.

Trans Pride in Lahore, Pakistan.
Pakistan is hosting four days of Trans Pride this weekend

Organizers want to tackle stigma in a country where LGBT+ murders are common.

Shanghai Pride-goers in rainbow colors.
China’s biggest Pride festival in Shanghai announces it is cancelling all future events

‘Shanghai just got darker. Let’s hope rainbow colors will be back to brighten it up again soon.’

Muhamed ef Velic.
Imam thanks ‘Allah and coronavirus’ for canceling Pride march

The imam says the cancellation of Pride in Sarajevo has brought ‘happiness, goodness and beauty’ to the tragedy of COVID-19.

Asia Rainbow Ride cyclists.
Taiwan gets on its bike to showcase how it is a beacon for LGBT+ rights

The first Asia Rainbow Ride is possible because Taiwan has managed to control the coronavirus pandemic.

The first Channel Islands Pride in Jersey in 2015.
One tiny, COVID-free corner of Britain will hold its Pride just like normal next month

The island of Guernsey says its Pride will be ‘one heck of a coming out party’.

Pride-goers collecting face masks in Taipei.
Taiwan holds in-person Pride and protest outside autocrat’s memorial hall

Extra Pride event was to show solidarity with cancelled Prides around the world.

The Shard, viewed from The Thames.
Pride in London accused of taking money from The Shard, owned by anti-LGBT+ Qatar

The State of Qatar owns the London landmark and punishes homosexuality with prison and even death.

A GLF demo in August 1971.
London Pride will happen but only for a few veterans from 50 years ago

Pride in London has cancelled for this year but veterans of the Gay Liberation Front will march all the same.

Thessaloniki Pride 2019.
Thessaloniki switches its postponement of EuroPride 2020 to a cancellation

But a coincidence may make it possible for Thessaloniki to break the rules and host EuroPride in 2021 instead.

Protesters demanding justice for George Floyd outside Minneapolis Third Police Precinct on 28 May.
LA Pride will happen in 2020 – as a Black Lives Matter protest

LA Pride cancelled its 2020 event due to coronavirus but there’s been another change of plans.

Shanghai Pride-goers in rainbow colors.
One Pride will be going ahead in June… in China

Shanghai Pride promises to obey ‘all required safety guidelines’.

Brighton Pride, Kylie
Brighton Pride has been cancelled

The event on the south coast of England was under pressure to postpone or cancel due to coronavirus.

Rotterdam Pride
Belfast, Hull, Malta and Rotterdam are in the running to host EuroPride 2023

Despite a tough year, Prides are planning for a bright future.

Thessaloniki Pride 2019.
Coronavirus postpones EuroPride and more Pride events

Over 150 Prides have cancelled or postponed already.

Mosaic Youth at Pride
Confirmed: Pride in London postpones 2020 event

The UK capital’s Pride follows events like Los Angeles and Tokyo Prides to respond to COVID-19.

Pride crowd in New York.
100 Prides will be affected by coronavirus within the next few hours

Prides are fighting back to ensure their survival as the numbers keep growing.

Los Angeles Pride 2019.
Coronavirus shuts down Prides in Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale and Miami

It now seems certain more Prides will follow.

Pride in Rome.
Prides at risk as experts predict COVID-19 will peak in May and June

Pride organizers from Africa, Asia, North America, Europe and Oceania have met to discuss how to manage coronavirus.

Celebrating on the boat parade at Yangon Pride in Myanmar.
Yangon Pride celebrates boat parade despite gay sex being illegal

LGBT+ people in Myanmar’s capital Yangon have taken Pride to the water for a colorful…

Rainbow-painted guys at Pride in New York City.
The 20 biggest and best 2020 Prides around the world

2020 Pride dates and details for the world’s best festivals from every corner of the world.