What to see in Arizona gay
Why the deserts of Arizona are surprisingly great for a gay USA road trip

From illuminated deserts to stunning towns, there are more than a few surprises to discover in Arizona

Statistics prove Illinois is tbhe best place for LGBT people
These statistics prove Illinois is a dream destination for LGBTI people

We crunched the numbers to show why LGBTI folk love Illinois so much

LGBT histories of the royal family
British palaces to give tours revealing the royals’ secret queer history

Including the bisexual icon who slept with Charles II and his daughter

Men smuggle drugs onto gay cruises
Men arrested for trying to smuggle suitcase full of drugs onto gay cruise

A federal contractor and his accomplice were caught by a dog named Bill

Jamaica gay tourists welcome
Jamaica tourism chief claims LGBTI tourists welcome despite gay sex ban

Gay couples can be arrested for holding hands

The Buenos Aires skyline at dusk, Argentina Brazil
Argentina looking to poach LGBTI tourists from Brazil

With Brazil’s LGBTI community facing increasing persecution, LGBTI tourists are looking more and more to its southern neighbor

Berlin: How Europe’s rebirthed city showed me that ‘new’ really is better

I learnt to love what the future holds thanks to a brisk weekend break in Germany

St Petersburg the most lgbti friendly city in russia
A survey named the city that’s most tolerant towards LGBTI people in Russia

It’s one of the better options for LGBTI people in Russia

Meribel France Skiing Visit overcoming fear
Meribel: how to face your fears on the ski slopes of the French alps

Meribel is a paradise of beautiful mountains, mounds of cheese and bands – if you can brave it

Jordan Gray Succubus comedy evening transphobia
These feminist comedians are fighting British transphobia with jokes

Succubus’ Vault Festival comedy show is raising money for Mermaids in a climate of anti-trans hostility

Nice gay France city
From leather fetishists to queer art, Nice is France’s surprising gay city

Nice is France’s beautiful, delicious and surprisingly gay city

Meet the men of Seoul | Photos: Elska
14 intimate images of handsome local gay guys in Seoul, South Korea

Elska editor Liam Campbell shares difficulties of making queer travel zine’s latest issue: ‘Most wanted to stay “discreet”’

Win a Holiday to Stockholm or Gothenburg with Stockholm LGBT
Win a Vacation to Stockholm or Gothenburg with VisitSweden

UK and US readers could win a vacation to Europe’s most LGBTI-friendly cities

Canada issues warning to LGBTI people thinking of travelling to the Bahamas

The Canadain government warns LGBTI travellers of widespread homophobia in the Bahamas

lgbti travel bucket list
The Beginner’s LGBTI Travel Bucket List

Traveling will unlock the whole world, but you need to know where to start…

BEginners travel bucket list
The Ultimate LGBTI Travel Bucket List for truly unique adventures

Prepare yourself, this big gay world is about to show you all it’s got

Stockholm Sweden the gay utopia
Is Stockholm really the gay utopia we’ve all been waiting for?

The Swedish capital was sold as the place LGBTI people could thrive, but is it acceptance at any cost?

Motown Homo Tasmania Mona-1
A Tasmanian museum tried to name their hotel HoMo and people weren’t happy

‘It turned out that I didn’t really have the right to call something HoMo when I’m not gay’

Phoenix festival raises money for LGBTI charities with gay Christmas trees

The Festival of Trees has raised over $200,000 in the most fabulous way

What I learned about body confidence from a festish party in nice
How I battled my body issues by stripping off at a French fetish party

Can a fetish party in France cure low self-esteem?

Gay porn star lecturer honeymoon-5
Gay porn star turned math teacher gets his happy ending on dream honeymoon

It’s the fairy tale romance you never expected

Nashville brings you hot fried chicken and live music 24 hours a day!
72 hours in Nashville, USA

Drag Race star Kameron Michaels shares some fierce Nashville secrets…

ABBA the museum stockholm lgbt
Reveal your inner Dancing Queen at Stockholm’s spectacular ABBA experiences

If you’re an ABBA super trouper, then you need to take a chance on these weird and wonderful activities

Chokladkoppen lgbt cafe stockholm local
Meet the gay guy who runs the first cafe in Stockholm to fly the LGBTI flag

Chokladkoppen’s manager gives the inside scoop for gay life in Stockholm

Front view of Volvo V90 estate car.
Volvo V90: Safety, comfort, space and practicality with a touch of class

The Volvo V90 makes Sweden a real challenge to German manufacturers for the estate car market

Visit Austin Transgender
The city of Austin is opening its toilets to trans people

Because going to the toilet should never be this hard

The Yukon is one of Canada's least populated areas – but is one of the most beautiful, and even has a pride parade | Photo: HJP Photography (supplied)
The hidden gay history of the Yukon, home to one of the most remote prides

Hidden in Northwest Canada’s mountains, this town’s LGBTI community is alive and thriving

First time guests Scott and Tris with Celebrity Reflection in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean
Celebrity Cruises: We find out what every first time cruiser needs to know

What top tips do first-time LGBTI cruisers need to know to make the most of their trip?