Children playing.
Same-sex couples are now adopting 1 in 6 children in England

‘LGBT+ people can and do provide invaluable parenting to some of our most vulnerable children.’

János Áder.
Hungary tries to change constitution to ban same-sex couples from adopting

A further series of crackdowns on LGBT+ rights in Hungary will also enshrine anti-trans attitudes in the constitution.

A mural saying 'Love is Love'.
These are the tricks Iraq’s media is using to spread hate against LGBT+ citizens

Iraq’s media is promoting the voices of militia leaders who have led LGBT+ killing campaigns.

Montenegro Pride 2018.
Tiny European country of Montenegro legalizes same-sex civil partnerships

Prime minister says equality is ‘the cornerstone of human and European values’.

Alex Donkor.
Twitter hands homophobes in Africa a win as it censors vital LGBT+ account

Meanwhile hate speech and calls to kill LGBT+ people have increased.

Yannick Glaudin on CCTV.
Jail for woman who posed as man on Grindr and stalked young male couple

In a sustained campaign, the woman falsely accused her first victim’s boyfriend of being a pedophile.

Singapore PM's wife, Ho Ching (Photo: Facebook)
Singapore PM’s wife turns heads with pro-LGBTI posts

Her husband, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, recently said the Singapore law criminalizing gay sex would continue ‘for some time’

Taiga Ishikawa (middle) on the campaign trail before he became the first openly-gay male politician in the Japan (Photo: Twitter)
Equal marriage in Japan within six years, says newly-elected gay lawmaker

‘I think we’ve got a breakthrough’ said Taiga Ishikawa, who was elected as the first openly-gay man to serve in the country’s national legislature

Homophobic pastor Steven Anderson once said 'I wish every homo would die' (Photo: YouTube)
Australia bans homophobic pastor who said ‘I wish every homo would die’

Pastor Steven Anderson’s hate speech has now got him banned from 33 different countries

Politician Taiga Ishikawa (Photo: Facebook)
Japan elects first openly-gay male politician to national parliament

‘This acknowledges that we are here’ politician Taiga Ishikawa said of LGBTI people as he won a seat in Japan’s Upper House

Israel Folau teaching at his family's church, recently labeled an isolated hate group (Photo: Facebook)
Israel Folau’s church labeled ‘isolated hate group’

Rugby Australia fired the player after he said homosexuals were going to hell on social media

LGBTI advocates outside Botswana's High Court | Photo: Twitter/SALC
Activists decry Botswana’s appeal against law legalizing same-sex relations

As news of the appeal spreads, LGBTI groups and locals are voicing their condemnation

Photos shared on social media showed the students carry a rainbow flag in the chapel (Photo: Twitter)
Students suspended for ‘rainbow stunt’ win court case against university

South Korea’s Presbyterian University suspended students for wearing rainbow clothing to chapel

New Australian Labor Party leader Anthony Albanese. (Photo: Facebook)
Australia’s new opposition leader pledges to protect LGBTI citizens

Anthony Albanese said the Australian Labor Party ‘won’t accept any discrimination’ in religious freedom laws being drafted by the ruling coalition

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