adidas pride 2019
Adidas preview their 2019 pride sneakers and they’re awesome

With the tagline ‘Love Unites,’ stride into pride with these awesome kicks

Lesbians Divinity and Yani are engaged after touring with Beyoncé
How often do you compliment someone else?

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Taiwan lawmakers debate the country's same-sex marriage bill (Photo: Parliament live feed)
Taiwan parliament to vote on same-sex marriage law next week

Two of the bills under discussion have been slammed as ‘discriminatory’

Marc and Shane from Taiwan will be one of the first couples to get legally married in Asia (Photo: Instagram)
This gay couple’s 12-year wait to get married is nearly over

Marc and Shane plan to be one of the first same-sex couples to tie the knot in Taiwan

London’s first trans pride is coming

Mark your calendars for 14 September

Madonna at Stonewall Inn
Are you looking forward to hearing new music from Madonna?

New music from Madonna is expected to be released Wednesday (17 April). Are you excited to hear it? Vote now in our poll

A woman sits alone with her head in her arms
How often do you feel lonely?

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Massachusetts’ Republican Governor Charlie Baker (Photo: Facebook)
Massachussets bans conversion therapy

It became the 16th state in the US to outlaw the practice on minors

Gay man being flogged in Aceh in 2017
Brunei officials studied how to implement anti-LGBT laws in Indonesia

A delegation traveled to Aceh, where convicted homosexuals can be flogged, before introducing brutal sharia laws

Sri Lankan novelist Shakthika Sathkumara (left) (Photo: Facebook)
Sri Lanka arrests novelist for gay Buddhist monk story

Homosexuality is illegal in Sri Lanka

A male couple
Do people guess your sexuality?

Do they guess correctly? Vote now in our poll

Trans activist Meera Parida is one of a number of trans women entering politics (Photo: Facebook)
This state in India now has three trans women running for office

Trans activist Meera Parida was named Vice President of a major political party in Odisha

Presidential hopeful: Caputova set to win Saturday's Slovakian elections
LGBTI friendly candidate set to become first female president of Slovakia

Zuzana Caputova favours legalizing same-sex partnerships and adoption rights

An elementary school in Japan (Photo: Flickr / Tony Cassidy)
First LGBT-inclusive textbooks for elementary schools in Japan

Schools could start using them in spring next year

Teach Solais, a LGBTI center in western Ireland, is in danger of closing | Photo: Teach Solais/Facebook
LGBTI ‘lifeline’ for people in rural Ireland under threat of closure

Teach Solais is the only LGBTI center in western Ireland. And without it, people fighting rural isolation would be without their vital support

two men lying side by side in bed, they are looking at each other
Do you believe Grindr has been a good thing for the gay community?

It’s Grindr’s 10th birthday. Let us know what you think of the gay hook-up app!

Antoni Porowski makes Broadway debut
Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski said he’s ‘been with more women than men’

‘I sort of never really had the traditional coming out,’ the Netflix star said

Pope Francis | Photo: Facebook
Pope Francis will issue the biggest pro-LGBTI statement in Vatican history

EXCLUSIVE: Vatican sources reveal Pope Francis’ next move to change the Catholic Church