Sink The Pink's sequinned and glittered queens took to the stage to lip sync P!nk
P!nk paired with queer drag group Sink The Pink for an epic music video

Her new music video for Walk Me Home is fierce as

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon and his parents
Pastor’s gay son sings to parents for the first time since they shunned him

Their reaction to his American Idol performance will move you to tears

Matthew Easton
Valedictorian at Mormon college came out as gay in inspiring speech

‘I am proud to be a gay son of God,’ he said

Pete Buttigieg signing his message to deaf activist Anderson Pleasants.
Pete Buttigieg replies to deaf supporter with sign language video

‘I’ve never seen someone running for president use sign language before,’ deaf activist Andy Pleasants says

Wendy Williams is thrown by the audience member's dilemma (Photo: The Wendy
Wendy Williams tells gay teen to dump his man – unaware he’s in audience

The 19-year-old says his boyfriend’s love for Nicki Minaj is putting a strain on their relationship – and he turns to Wendy Williams for advice

Billie Eilish (left) and The Spice Girls
Billie Eilish thought the Spice Girls were a fake group

Being born at the end of 2001, Eilish definitely missed the peak Spice Girls days

The AHS: 1984 teaser trailer
The teaser trailer for American Horror Story season 9 is here

It’s heavily inspired by 1980s slasher flicks

Emma Stone stars in hilarious SNL skit
Emma Stone hilariously stars as woman who walks in on gay porn scene

She hosted Saturday Night Live for the fourth time

WATCH: Olly Alexander caught a Pride flag at a Brazil gig and it was iconic

‘This was honestly one of the greatest moments of my life,’ the Years & Years singer said

Caitlin Kinnunen from the Broadway musical The Prom
Star of LGBTI Broadway musical comes out, says she’s dating a woman

Caitlin Kinnunen stars as an LGBTI teen in The Prom

Jinkx Monsoon
Jinkx Monsoon and more join Chechnya Crisis Appeal in new video

LGBTI influencers are urging you to donate to rescue gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people in Chechnya

BTS and Halsey in the new teaser
K-Pop group BTS drops first teaser of their collaboration with Halsey

The new BTS album, Persona: Map Of Soul, is set for release on 12 April

Flag for the city of Orlando, Florida
Orlando seeks to become the first city with a network of certified LGBTI businesses

The resolution ‘ensures that LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs in Orlando will have the opportunity to create jobs and develop innovations that benefit all who live in the most inclusive city in America’

Pastor Dennis W. Wiley testifying in front of the House of Representatives on behalf of the Equality Act
WATCH: Samira Wiley’s dad testifies to Congress in support of the Equality Act

‘Let’s make sure the Equality Act becomes law, so that all of our beautiful, promising, gifted LGBTQ citizens, just like my daughter and daughter-in-law, can live their lives free of fear, free of bigotry, and free of discrimination’

Protester at the Dorchester Hotel, protesting Brunei law
Protester pulls out megaphone and interrupts patrons at Brunei-owned hotel

Security forcefully dragged him out of the Dorchester

RuPaul on the set of his new talk show
RuPaul gets his own daytime talk show via Fox Television

The new RuPaul talk show will run for three weeks on select Fox channels in the US from 10 June

Rep. Pramila Jayapal
US politician starts crying during speech about gender-nonconforming child

Rep. Pramila Jayapal was advocating for the Equality Act

Drag queen Marti Gould Cummings in her Baby Shark video
Drag Queen makes Baby Shark music video for a good cause

‘Anyone who thinks drag isn’t for children is wrong’

Munroe Bergdorf
Munroe Bergdorf stars in empowering video for Trans Day of Visibility

Watch the model and activist turn into a beautiful mermaid in Must Be Strong

Sally Field and her gay son Sam Greisman
Sally Field and her gay son come out to support the Equality Act

This legislation will protect LGBTI Americans

Antoni Porowski (left) and his doppelgänger, Benito Skinner
WATCH: This guy’s impression of Antoni Porowski from Queer Eye has us in tears

Can you believe (this guy’s not the real Antoni?)

A lesbian couple in Missouri were turned away from a dance studio allegedly due to their sexual orientation. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
Lesbian couple turned away from dance class, told they’d make lessons ‘awkward’

The dance instructor denies his discrimination was religiously motivated

Sen. Greg Albritton of Alabama introduced the bill which was passed in the State Senate 26-0. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
Alabama lawmakers vote to stop issuing marriage licenses to prevent same-sex weddings

The bill passed 26-0 in the state Senate on Thursday, 21 March

Trans man Henry Sias is running for judge in Philadelphia. (Photo: YouTube)
Henry Sias could become America’s first ever transgender judge

‘I think self-care is something that lawyers neglect to their own peril and to the peril sometimes of their client’

Marco admires an actor's makeup on season 4 of Disney Channel show Star vs. The Forces of Evil. (Photo: YouTube)
Star vs. The Forces of Evil is normalizing boys who like makeup

‘This is the most flawless contouring I’ve ever seen’

Miss Vanjie addresses college students at The New School (photo by Ves Pitts)
This professor brought the Season 11 cast of Drag Race to his class about the show’s impact

‘One of the students summed up the experience best when they said they were “gagged”‘

Saoirse Ronan and Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan spotted on set of lesbian romance Ammonite

Take a first look at your new favorite queer paleontologist