Protestors lay pink flowers on a pink triangle outside the Russian Embassy, London in support of LGBTI people in Chechnya
WATCH: London protests Chechnya persecution of gay men and reports of gay concentration camp

It’s believed up to a 100 men have been detained and tortured in recent weeks – with three suspected to have been killed

Tandi Iman Dupree is a part of drag herstory
Know your herstory: Relive the most epic lip sync to Holding Out For A Hero ever

Sorry Drag Race girls, this queen has got you all beat

Watch: Friends-obsessed fans go WTF over second episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race

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A new series of sexual health video from 56 Dean Street
WATCH: Do you know the different ways to protect yourself from HIV?

A new web series follows one Grindr-addicted gay man as he explores different ways to protect his health

The man explains why he was driven to catfish
WATCH: Gay ‘catfish’ reveals why he used fake profile: ‘Purely to try and feel wanted’

He says that being rejected rudely on dating apps led him to create a profile with fake images

The vast majority of testicular cancer cases are treatable if caught early
WATCH: Gay man talks about losing both his balls to testicular cancer

April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month: When was the last time you checked your balls?

This hilarious teacher is giving kids the best kind of education
Watch: Gay teacher gives kids a fake spelling test for April Fools and asks hilarious Drag Race question

This teacher is both walking children in nature AND giving them an education

Drag Race
WATCH: Lady Gaga fan loses his mind over season premiere of Drag Race

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Watch: Fight between two male volleyball stars ends with a kiss

Could all fights between sportsmen end this way?

Jennifer Hudson had the crowd wrapped around her little finger
WATCH: Jennifer Hudson slays iconic Dreamgirls hit at London gay club

She set out to give fans the full Effie experience

Australian comedian Jordan Raskopoulos
WATCH: Comedian celebrates 2-year transition anniversary with cute video

‘It’s been two years since I dropped the first of those little blue pills and began my journey towards living a genuine life without shame.’

Troye Sivan and his mom Laurelle in a video celebrating the end of gay panic
WATCH: Troye Sivan and his mom celebrate the end of gay panic

‘From today, saying a gay person made a pass at you will no longer be an acceptable, legal excuse for murder.’

One of the videos from Lebanese Medical Association for Sexual Health (LebMASH) for its first LGBTI sexual health week.
Check out the videos from Lebanon’s first ever LGBTI sexual health week

‘There are many being denied their basic and important rights… because they are so scared anyone would discover they’re gay.’

Asia Kate Dillon paid a memorable visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
In remarkable TV moment, Ellen learns about gender-nonbinary from Asia Kate Dillon

Says Billions star: ‘It’s a learning process for us too’

This Mormon video on how a family should accept a gay son is going viral, but this is what they think in private

Mormon church releases positive LGBTI video in same week they condemn homosexuality in members’ magazine

Heartbreaking new music video for Clean Bandit Zara Larsson track
This heartbreaking gay romance in new music video will leave you in tears

Clean Bandit team up with Zara Larsson for this beautiful new music video

Tallulah-Eve Brown is Britain's Next Top Model's first trans contestant
Watch: Britain’s Next Top Model star works up the courage to come out as trans

The reaction from the other girls was incredibly supportive.

Circus Cast of Driftwood
WATCH: What’s it like being LGBTI in a circus family?

Driftwood pushes performers’ bodies to their limits