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Catholic school fired gay teacher to ‘protect its ethics’

Catholic school fired gay teacher to ‘protect its ethics’

A Catholic school could lose its public funding if it is found they fired a teacher for being gay.

Italy’s Ministry of Education has launched an investigation into the Trento school after a teacher spoke out about being sacked to protect the school’s ‘ethics’.

Eugenia Libratore, the headmistress of Sacro Cuore, reportedly said she decided not to renew the ‘adequate and professional’ teacher’s contract because she ‘has the school’s environment to protect’ and ‘moral ethics’ to preserve.

Dismissing an employee over their sexual orientation is illegal in Italy.

Libratore told Corriere she had heard about the teacher’s sexuality through rumors in the staff room.

‘I told her I had heard these rumours and hoped they were false rumors, because I have the school environment to protect,’ she said.

‘When choosing teachers for a Catholic school, I also do assessments from the point of view of moral ethics…

‘The Catholic school has its own characteristics and set of educational guidelines that must be defended at all costs.’

The Minister of Education has said if it is found the teacher did lose her job because of her sexuality, the school will be punished.

‘Whenever we are faced with a case related to sexual discrimination, we will act with due severity,’ Stefania Giannini, the Minister for Education, was quoted as saying in La Repubblica.