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Catholic school promises to help fired gay teacher find new job

Catholic school promises to help fired gay teacher find new job

Archdiocese of Indianapolis' Catholic archbishop Charles Thompson

A Catholic high school in Indianapolis, US, that fired a gay teacher will now have to help the teacher with his future employment options.

Archdiocese of Indianapolis archbishop Charles Thompson forced Cathedral High School to fire the teacher, who is in a same-sex marriage, last month.

And according to attorney Kathleen DeLaney in a news release sent yesterday (13 July), the teacher left the school on amicable terms.

What happened?

The archdiocese had forced three schools to fire an LGBTI employee in the last year, a lawyer of the teacher said.

In an online letter dated 23 June, the archbishop sent an order to the school to fire the teacher, whom it did not name, after ‘direct guidance’ from the Archbishop.

The school said it had been engaged in almost two years of ‘earnest discussion and extensive dialogue’ with the archdiocese. School staff wished to show its ‘continued Catholic identity.’

The call to fire the teacher was an ‘agonizing decision,’ the school claimed.

Moreover, DeLaney said that the school had renewed the teacher’s employment contract twice.

But DeLaney since announced the two had reached a settlement. According to Huffington Post, the teacher thanked the school for the opportunity.

While the school thanked him for his years of service.

Are there other schools?

Yes. Quite a few, actually.

There are 11 Catholic high schools in the archdiocese, according to its website. And five employees have been cut so far because of their connection to the LGBTI community, according to local outlets.

Last year, two teachers at another school in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, Roncalli High School, lost their jobs.

This was because they were in same-sex marriages, said DeLaney, who also represented one of those teachers.

Moreover, the move by Cathedral High School came barely a few days after a similar incident at a Jesuit school in Indiana, Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School.

‘This is a pattern now where the archbishop is targeting members of the LGBT community who are in valid same-sex marriages,’ DeLaney said.

Archdiocese has ‘only’ targeted the LGBTI community, lawyer says

In a statement, the archdiocese said its approach to teachers in same-sex marriages it not ‘about sexual orientation.’

Rather, its belief that Catholic school employees being ‘ministers of the faith.’

However, DelLaney questioned this.

‘There are many church doctrines and many teachers, trustees and administrators who don’t comply with all [of the teachings of the Church],’ DeLaney said.

‘So far, they are only enforcing church doctrine against members of the LGBT community and their marital status and that is blatantly discrimination, in my opinion.’

If the archdiocese cut ties with the Cathedral High School, the school would have lost its 501(c)(3) status. The status means the school is a nonprofit and exempt from federal income tax.

Gay Star News has reached out to the archdiocese for comment.

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