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Catholic schools in Ireland may have to include LGBTI topics in sex ed

Catholic schools in Ireland may have to include LGBTI topics in sex ed

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According to a new report on sex education in Ireland, Catholic schools in the country may have to start including LGBTI topics.

The¬†Oireachtas Education Committee released a draft of the report. It reveals some dramatic changes in the country’s sex edu, such as including LGBTI relationships in the curriculum.

The report applies to both primary and secondary schools.

According to its wording, as described by the Irish Independent, LGBTI relationships would be taught in schools ‘without distinction as to their heterosexual counterparts’.

It also recommends new legislation requiring that even Catholic schools must implement the new guidelines. For these schools, the Department of Education should give ‘directions’.

Per the report, sex ed programs going forward should be ‘fully inclusive of LGBT relationships and experiences, including sexual orientation, gender identity and the spectrums thereof’.

For primary schools, the report recommends the new curriculum be taught in an ‘age and developmentally appropriate manner’.

Other proposed changes

The report suggests other changes to such education, both related to LGBTI concerns and broader topics.

One of the changes is a new system to monitor and record instances of homophobic and transphobic bullying. Another calls for a slightly modified curriculum for those with intellectual disabilities.

Topics referenced in the report to be taught include consent, contraception, and sexuality.

It is not known if or when this report will become policy in Ireland.

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