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Cats and dogs put aside their differences for marriage equality

Cats and dogs put aside their differences for marriage equality

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When one Australian journalist decided to start an uplifting hashtag on Twitter she had no idea it would become so popular.

Amy Coopes started the ‘most lesbian hashtag ever’, #moggos4yes, in response to Wednesday’s #TheyGetToVote trending hashtag.

The latter hashtag went viral after thousands of people shared their heartbreaking experiences of homophobia and transphobia. It was started by comedian Josh Thomas who wanted to shed a light on homophobia during Australia’s postal survey on marriage equality.

‘I actually started it in response to because, while I get where it was coming from and in response to, after a day of seeing mates receiving their ballots in the post and all the emotions that entailed, I just needed something uplifting,’ Coopes told Gay Star News.

Wait, what’s a moggo?

‘A moggo is a cat, bastardising the popular term doggo,’ Coopes explained.

Not long after she launched the hashtag, people started sharing photos of their cats who were definitely supporters of marriage equality. The hashtag has been trending for about 10 hours on Twitter.

But how can Coopes be so confident cats are pro-marriage equality?

‘So long as you’ve got a bowl full of food, pats (BUT ONLY WHEN REQUESTED AND THREE EXACTLY NO BELLY RUBS) and a warm place to sleep, cats give exactly zero fucks about your cohabitation requirements,’ Coopes said.

‘Moggos are Yes for equality because equality means more waitstaff.

‘Also when you’re a lesbian it’swell known that three things are true in life: Cats, Angst and a U-Haul.’

And what about dogs?

Coopes started a hashtag for dog owners last week, but it hasn’t been as popular.

She explained why:
‘I kicked off a thread last week, but as we all know, cats are the undisputed masters of the Internet so I’m not surprised to see this gathering much more momentum,’ Coopes said.

In all seriousness the hashtag has provided some much needed light to Australia’s LGBTI community during the postal survey.

‘I’m so happy to see people jumping onto the hashtag to say how nice it is to see something positive and joyous in our community when many of us are feeling so embattled right now,’ Coopes said.

‘The Equality Campaign say the way to win this is by celebrating our stories, and #Moggos4Yes are just one, furry, part of that.’

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