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CBS denies cutting gay kisses from Macklemore’s Grammys mass wedding

CBS management have denied that there was a deliberate decision to avoid show gay and lesbian couples kissing after they were married by Queen Latifa during Macklemore’s Same Love performance at the Grammys

CBS denies cutting gay kisses from Macklemore’s Grammys mass wedding

CBS couples have rubbished claims that they intentionally cut away from the couples who were married during Macklemore’s performance at the Grammys.

The live edit of the performance cut away when several of the couples went to embrace each other at the end of the wedding ceremony – the traditional time when the newly weds kiss.

Many social media users who watched the Grammys noticed this prompting Buzzfeed to ask whether there had been a deliberate decision to avoid showing same-sex kisses during the broadcast.

‘It was a groundbreaking and inclusive moment on television and for all who were in the room last night,’ CBS senior vice president of communications Phil Gonzales told Buzzfeed.

‘It’s hard to believe that this is BuzzFeed’s takeaway from this event.’

When asked directly if there had been a decision in the control room to cut away for that reason Gonzales replied, ‘No there wasn’t.’

Macklemore has not commented on the issue himself.

The only message on his social media about the Grammys was a 28 January tweet that read ‘33 couples got married last night during Same Love. Amazing to be apart of that moment.’

Watch Macklemore perform his hit Same Love below and tell us what you think.

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