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CBS puts Laverne Cox drama Doubt on its summer schedule

CBS puts Laverne Cox drama Doubt on its summer schedule

Laverne Cox stars with Katherine Heigl in the new CBS legal drama Doubt.

Laverne Cox has taken to Instagram to announce that CBS is airing the remaining episodes of the legal drama Doubt beginning 1 July.

‘Setting your dvr’s to record the series is the best way not to miss it,’ Cox writes. ‘I will be reminding you to tune in as well.’

The summer run will begin with the third episodes of the series which was yanked from the air in February after just two episodes had aired due to low ratings.

Cox made history on the show as the first transgender performer to be a regular on a network series portraying a transgender character.

She plays an Ivy League-educated defense attorney named Cameron Wirth and stars with Katherine Heigl and Steven Pasquale, among others.

It was made clear in the first episode that Cameron’s co-workers know and accept her as a trans woman.

Her storyline was more about her legal strategies and whether or not she can win her case than her trans identity.

There had been 13 episodes of Doubt completed.

The future episodes will show that Cameron has a dating life and romantic scenes.

‘It felt groundbreaking … when we started shooting that part,’ Cox said on AOL Build in February.

‘I thought, “Okay, this is something I’ve never seen on TV.” I hadn’t personally seen a trans woman be pursued by a straight identified man on national television knowing that she’s transgender. That felt revolutionary, that felt groundbreaking. It was really exciting for me as an actress who’s always wanted to see that.’