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CBS wants to save One Day at a Time, but Netflix may not allow it

CBS wants to save One Day at a Time, but Netflix may not allow it

Syd and Elena in One Day At A Time.

When Netflix canceled their LGBTI-inclusive series One Day at a Time, social media immediately erupted into calls for it to be saved by another network. According to reports, CBS wants to be that network, but Netflix may not allow it.

Vulture published a report that sources confirmed CBS’ streaming arm, CBS All Access, has submitted an official bid for the rights to the series.

The main roadblack in CBS’ path is that Netflix has a deal with Sony Pictures Television, which produced One Day at a Time, which allows it to veto any of their co-productions from moving to another streaming platform for at least two years.

Netflix, however, doesn’t have to veto such a decision.

According to Vulture’s report, One Day at a Time executive producer Norman Lear personally reached out to Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos to discuss this possibility.

There is no indication which way Netflix is leaning, but it must give its blessing for One Day at a Time to find a new home with CBS and continue.

This deal only applies to streaming platforms. If a network or cable channel wanted to acquire the show, they could make a deal without Netflix’s approval.

‘We must continue finding ways to tell these stories’

Numerous shows have been saved from cancellation over the years.

One of the most recent ones was Brooklyn Nine-Nine. After Fox canceled the diverse sitcome, fans were in an uproar — until NBC saved it from extinction.

Many fans are hoping the same happens for One Day at a Time.

Critics praised the series when it premiered in 2017 on Netflix for its diversity and strong performances. The show focused on a Latinx family and had LGBTI and non-binary representation. It also explored topics like consent and mental health.

When Netflix announced its cancellation, they wrote: ‘And to anyone who felt seen or represented — possibly for the first time — by ODAAT, please don’t take this as an indication your story is not important.

‘The outpouring of love for this show is a firm reminder to us that we must continue finding ways to tell these stories.’

Many, however, saw its cancellation as a slight against these types of stories.

GSN has reached out to Netflix and CBS All Access for comment.

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