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How 12 celebrities are living their best lives on Christmas

How 12 celebrities are living their best lives on Christmas

Adam Rippon romantically celebrating Christmas

It’s Christmas Day and people around the world are celebrating the holidays in many magical ways. Whether it’s staying at home in pajamas, traveling, or getting caught under mistletoe, it’s a special day.

LGBTI celebrities and icons are taking to social media to share what they’re doing, and it’s fabulous.

Below are 12 celebrities’ celebrations.

Sam Smith

The singer looked cozy in pajamas with a warm mug in his hands.

There was also dancing.

Karamo Brown

Queer Eye’s life and culture expert posted a group photo wearing matching Santa onesies. Brown is in the red baseball cap on the right.

For him and his loved ones, there was even more dancing.

Cheyenne Jackson

Actor Cheyenne Jackson posted an adorable family photo. The photo features Jackson, husband Jason Landau, their twins, and their pet dog.

Plus, his kids’ reactions to their presents were so adorable.

Adam Rippon

Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon shared a romantic photo with his Finnish boyfriend, Jussi-Pekka Kajaala.

Taken at Dana Point Harbor, the pair are kissing under a festive sign that reads ‘Merry Kiss Me’.

Gus Kenworthy

Meanwhile, fellow Olympian Gus Kenworthy, went for a more humorous holiday photo…

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"Describe yourself in three words."

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Mariah Carey

Pop singer Mariah Carey went for a sleigh ride with Santa and some of his reindeer! Just look at these perfect photos, which definitely scream peak Christmas Aesthetic.


Queer singer Kehlani celebrated the holiday with an update on her pregnancy. She announced she was expecting in October with a beautiful, sun-filled photoshoot.

Anthony Rapp

Gay actor Anthony Rapp, meanwhile, is celebrating the holiday abroad in Thailand.

Jonathan Van Ness

Karamo Brown’s Queer Eye co-star Jonathan Van Ness, who takes care of grooming and hygiene on the show, had a more political slant in his holiday posts.

On Instagram, he pointed out climate change.

Zachary Quinto

Actor Zachary Quint posted in a paper crown for the holiday. Paper crowns are typically found in Christmas crackers, which is a big tradition in the UK.

Antoni Porowski

Another Queer Eye star, Antoni Porowski, who does food, posed in a red and green sweater against a snowy backdrop.

Diana Ross

Finally, legendary singer Diana Ross posted a big family photo on Twitter with everyone in all-white winter outfits.

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