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Celebrities say 'love is in my blood' in a fight against AIDS

World celebrities prick their finger and tweet their blood picture along with a message of love to create awareness of the fight against HIV infection and AIDS

Celebrities say 'love is in my blood' in a fight against AIDS

A host of celebrities say that AIDS can be overcome through love, by tweeting an image of their blood along with the word ‘Love Is In My Blood’.

This Valentine’s Day (14 February), Elton John and a host of singers, artists, writers and sportspeople including Jessie J, Florence Welch, Ben Drew, Ai Weiwei, Elizabeth Hurley, Paulo Coelho, George Takei, Kelly Osborne, Lara Stone, Stephen Fry, David Walliams, Jamie Oliver and Shane Warne are showing their love by pricking their fingers, creating a spot of blood and tweeting the image accompanied by the words ‘Love Is In My Blood’.

The worldwide campagin aims to ‘show solidarity with over 30m people living with HIV.

‘Our aim is NOT to make everyone prick their finger but to get the world talking about the problem by retweeting and sharing our messages.

‘Our compassion is what will stop 2.6m people becoming infected with HIV, and 1.8m people dying of AIDS each year’.

The campaign, which comes from Elton’s AIDS Foundation, is designed to create a global conversation; reminding the world that the fight against AIDS is winnable, but only if we have enough love and compassion to ensure that no one is shut out, left behind or made to feel ashamed.

The campaign asks people to help contribute it become a global conversation by retweeting a celebrity’s tweet or to send their own including #LoveIsInMyBlood and a link to (Elton John’s Aids Foundation). For example:

‘#LoveIsInMyBlood Together we can end AIDS. Go to and re-tweet to show your love’.

In addition people can urged to post similar messages on other social networking sites, such as Facebook or Google+.

The campaign also features a film commercial inspired by the campaign created by Artist Ai Weiwei.

A 30 sec and 60 sec version of Weiwei’s commercial – which features the words ‘Love is in OUR Blood’ over drops of blood and the sound of a heartbeat, will run simultaneously on Thursday 14 February on YouTube, and for 24 hours from the time people wake up on Valentine’s Day throughout the day until midnight on screens in Times Square, Piccadilly Circus and Independence Square in Kiev, Ukraine, which has the largest AIDS epidemic in Europe.

Watch the video here:

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