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These celebrities are wearing purple today to stand up to LGBTI bullying

These celebrities are wearing purple today to stand up to LGBTI bullying

Katie Stevens from The Bold Type wearing purple and supporting Spirit Day

GLAAD’s annual Spirit Day is here and everyone is out there wearing purple to take a stand against bullying.

The day brings awareness to the bullying of LGBTI youth. People don the color purple, donate, and stand in solidarity together with them on the annual day.

Donating has been a big success for the organization this year.

Justin Tranter held his second annual Spirit Day fundraiser on Wednesday (17 October) night at Hollywood’s Sayers Club. Overall, celebrities and other people helped raised $400k for the cause.

Nick Jonas and Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds, who is outspoken about his support for the community, each donated an amazing $50,000. Darren Criss and Derek Hough each pledged $5,000.

Today, all across social media, celebrities and more are wearing purple and sharing messages of support.

Beautiful sights

One of the things anyone can do to participate in Spirit Day is sign the pledge. Celebrities like Britney Spears and Barbara Streisand tweeted about this in their support for the anti-bullying campaign.

There’s no shortage of support in Hollywood, from people who work on the big screen, like director Ava DuVernay…

… to the cast of the upcoming movie Boy Erased, including Troye Sivan.

Sivan recently released his beautiful and poignant song for the movie.

The small screen is also giving plenty of support, such as the team behind Full Front with Samantha Bee.

Wynonna Earp, an LGBTI-inclusive show, is also promising a reward for their supportive fans who donate.

HBO went all-out with a display.

The cast of Freeform’s The Bold Type also took a stand, including Aisha Dee, who plays queer character Kat on the show.

Allison Janney also pledged her support again, just as she did last year.

There’s also the team of Grey’s Anatomy.

Theater companies like the North American tour of Les Miserables, and actors like Roger Bart made videos in support.

Finally musicians like Adam Lambert and Little Mix, who have always been supportive of the community both in real life and in their music, made posts.

Numerous companies like Target, Wells Fargo, Kellogg’s, and more also went purple for the day.

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