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Celebrity Big Brother fans stunned as Amanda Barrie blasts Courtney Act

Celebrity Big Brother fans stunned as Amanda Barrie blasts Courtney Act

Amanda Barrie and Courtney Act

Amanda Barrie went on a massive rant against Shane J (aka Courtney Act) in the Celebrity Big Brother house last night (28 January).

The openly bisexual soap opera actor called out the Drag Race star for getting too political in the house.

It all started when Shane J was having a conversation with Malika Haqq and Wayne Sleep about Ann Widdecombe.

Shane told the fellow housemates about Ann’s long track record on voting against LGBTI rights while in parliament.

Wayne told Shane J he didn’t think people should get political in the house, then ran to Amanda Barrie to complain about the exchange.

Amanda then approached Shane J to tell him she thought he was being unfair about Ann’s past.

The Coronation Street actor told Shane J: ‘I get along with her [Ann] and I’m in a civil partnership. You think you’re a platform for LGBT rights!’

‘This is all mirror talk. You have your opinions and when you meet other people with strong opinions, you have a mirror reaction,’ she said.

Shane J replied: ‘I think the difference is I’m not dictating how anybody else…’

Amanda interrupted: ‘She’s not dictating, for God’s sake! It’s made no difference at all.’

Shane J replied: ‘Well, to be fair, in 23 years of parliament, she voted against every single pro-LGBT piece of legislation, which is your rights as a human being.’

‘Thousands of LGBTQ people suffered because of people like Ann’

Fans of the show were stunned by the exchange, taking to social media to vent their frustrations.

One wrote: ‘Everyone has the right to an opinion. But when those opinions lead to injustice or inequality for certain groups over others, then they should be challenged. Ann may be a ‘little old lady’, but her opinions are toxic & she is not too old to change!’

Another said: ‘Disappointed by Amanda. She is missing the point – left to her pal Ann, she wouldn’t have an officially recognised civil partnership.’

And another said: ‘Sorry Amanda, just because you got your wedding and you’re fine ‘not talking about it.’ Thousands of LGBTQ people suffered because of people like Ann in British politics, and she most definitely has blood on her hands.’

But some people backed up the soap star, like ex-Big Brother contestant James Jordan.

He said: ‘Amanda is amazing! Amanda just destroyed Shane/Courtney.’

Ann Widdecombe’s track record on LGBTI rights

Conservative politician Ann Widdecombe voted almost exclusively against LGBTI rights as an MP.

According to political tracker They Work For You, she has a long history of LGBTI repression.

During her time as an MP, the conservative Christian politican voted against equalizing the age of consent for homosexual acts.

She also voted no on allowing same-sex couples to adopt, as well as voted to maintain a ban on the promotion of homosexuality in schools.

She previously said she approves of gay cure therapy. In a column in the Express, Ann questioned why it gay cure therapies weren’t more readily available for people who want them.

She wrote: ‘Yet the unhappy homosexual should, according to gay activists, be denied any chance whatever to investigate any possibility of seeing if he can be helped to become heterosexual.’

Ann is also staunchly pro-life, a factor Shane J argued with Amanda Barrie over in last night’s episode.

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