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Celebrity Big Brother's John Barnes: Straight men are 'uncomfortable around gay men'

Courtney Act shuts him down in the best possible way

Celebrity Big Brother's John Barnes: Straight men are 'uncomfortable around gay men'
Celebrity Big Brother housemate John Barnes. | Photo: Big Brother / Channel 5

Retired English soccer player John Barnes believes straight men are uncomfortable around gay men because they’re scared they’ll want to have sex with them.

John was discussing straight men experimenting with their sexuality in a conversation with Shane Jenek (aka Courtney Act) in the Celebrity Big Brother House.

On fellow housemate Andrew, Courtney said: ‘Sometimes somebody can have a little taste of something that–

But John interjected, saying: ‘Kick them out of the club. Kick them out of the club.’

He added: ‘I’ll tell you why, because if anything happened in that room he’s out of the club. If anything happens in the room, Andrew’s out of the club.’

‘He’s definitely going to want to have sex with me’

In a later conversation with Shane, John Barnes clarifies: ‘Everything I’ve been saying here is about being a product of how I’ve been brought up.

‘The things we know to be wrong, we can’t help thinking that. I do know it’s wrong… so I know that I shouldn’t be that way. But at 54 years old, I cannot think that naturally,’ he argues.

He goes on to argue men are comfortable being in a room with a woman but not gay men. This is because they assume he’s ‘definitely going to want to have sex with me.’

Shane replies: ‘But the interesting thing is – with straight men, there seems to be something more fragile about their heterosexuality. Whereby they’re threatened by the idea that another man could find them attractive.’

That’s when John explains there’s a stigma in the gay sex act itself.

Shane is later in conversation with Andrew and Wayne about John’s worrying stereotypes on gay men.

They talk about ideas of masculinity and how John perceives masculine gay men versus masculine straight men.

Watch the full exchange:

Fans took to social media to vent their anger over John’s comments.

One wrote: ‘John Barnes says his homophobia is okay because he’s 54 and he’s just naturally homophobic which is possibly the worst reason I’ve ever heard and so stupid to hear from a black man who campaigned against racism.’

Another said: ‘John Barnes is only five years older than me. Don’t see how being 54 is an excuse for his uncomfortableness with the idea of homosexuality.’

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