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Celebrity gay fashion designer brutally attacked in Turkey

Celebrity gay fashion designer brutally attacked in Turkey

Celebrity Turkish gay fashion designer, Barbaros Åžansal, was seriously beaten last night (27 December) in Ä°stanbul, Turkey.

Åžansal is well known in Turkey for being an outspoken gay activist and for his use of witty language.

According to daily Hurriyet, the attack, which took place in BeyoÄŸlu district of Istanbul, had a political motive.

Åžansal posted pictures of his injuries due to the attack on Twitter.

He also stated on Twitter: ‘I was threatened and attacked due to political reasons at 04:50 a.m. in Taksim AyaspaÅŸa. Dark brains, you will pay a heavy price for this. They told me that I will pay for my writings and statements with my life. I am only a soul but what will millions say?’

Åžansal defended gays and gay rights a few weeks ago in an interview he gave to daily Sözcü.

He also said in the same interview that he was tortured and raped by the police during the 1980 coup period.

The famous stylist had already received threats on Twitter, for example: ‘You will pay for what have you written and what have you practiced’.

The attack on Åžansal has become one of the most trending topics in Turkey on Twitter with many condemning the violent act.

In addition, the attack was condemned by Kaos GL, Ankara-based LGBT organization in Turkey.