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Celine Dion destroys the gender binary with new clothing line CELINUNUNU

Celine Dion destroys the gender binary with new clothing line CELINUNUNU

Celine Dion new fashion line CELINUNUNU

Celine Dion has united forces with children’s fashion brand NUNUNU to create a line of gender neutral clothing.

And this fusion of talents is called… CELINUNUNU.

Despite the name looking like the subtitles to an anime scream, the concept of the line is pretty cool.

They hope to break children free from traditional gender roles, allowing children to find the path to their personality rather than being forced into boxes by assigned roles.

The company said in press release: ‘CELINUNUNU believes that fashion builds concepts deep within our minds and changes thought patterns.

‘It aims to free the forces of creativity and imagination in children, nurturing equality and flexibility of thought that enable kids to fully embrace who they are.

‘It encourages children’s choices to be driven by their own true essence. CELINUNUNU instills the concept that everything is possible, equally.’

Taking down the binary

Along with the announcement, Celine Dion has released a video promoting the product on her Twitter.

In it, she seems to be playing some sort of binary destroying wizard. It sees her walk through a maternity ward, claiming all children are part of an ominous-sounding ‘never-ending chain’.

Then she reaches the babies, who are being kept in a room segregated by gender. The My Heart Will Go On singer blows some confetti, transforming the room into a gender-neutral yet badass ward.

However, dismantling societal wards through confetti magic attracts some attention – and she’s eventually tackled by police.

As she’s being escorted out, she says: ‘Easy, I’m Celine Dion.’

The cop replies: ‘Yeah girl, and I’m Beyonce.’

It’s safe to say that we all stan a gender breaking queen.

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