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WATCH: This is how Céline Dion reacted when a fan got physical on stage with her

WATCH: This is how Céline Dion reacted when a fan got physical on stage with her

Celine Dion and a fan at her Las Vegas show.

Céline Dion shared an… intimate moment with a fan during a recent concert at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

During Friday’s (5 January) performance, a drunk fan found her way on stage and the whole scene was caught on camera.

It’s unclear how the fan ended up on stage. Some reports say she rushed the stage, however the YouTuber who posted the video wrote the singer brought the woman on stage.

Things quickly escalated as the woman embraced Dion and then appears to hump her. But that’s only part of this story.

‘I’m glad you came up on stage’

The video starts with the fan already on stage.

Dion then tells her something sincerely: ‘Let me tell you something. I’m glad you came up on stage tonight. I thought you just wanted to come closer to me. But you know what? I’m glad you came closer to me.’

That’s when the fan suddenly wraps a leg around her and thrusts her hips, to Dion’s clear surprise.

A security guard comes forward but Dion continues to talk to the woman.

‘They’re my friends,’ the singer tells the woman about the security guards. ‘Look at me. Look at me in the eyes. Do you see my heart?’

Then Dion says: ‘We’re gonna pray. This is 2018. We’re gonna make a change. For your baby.’

According to the video description, the woman’s son ‘just had a bone marrow transplant and she wanted to tell everyone to be a donor’.

‘We have something in common,’ Dion tells the woman. ‘We got babies that we love. And we’re gonna fight for them. And we’re wearing gold. Are you ready to party with me tonight?’

The two women hug before Dion helps her off the stage.

‘I want to thank all of you’

When Dion is on the stage alone again, she addresses the whole audience.

‘Some people go through a lot. And some people need to talk. And I want to say thank you to all of you,’ she says gently.

‘Because for maybe five minutes, we had given this lady a moment to talk.’

She also thanks the security guards, before promising a great show. Talk about a class act.