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Channel 4 to air documentary on gay saunas

Channel 4 to air documentary on gay saunas

British TV station Channel 4 will show a documentary about Gay Saunas in the UK.

‘Sauna visitors come from all walks of life – teachers, plumbers and accountants, young and old,’

Focusing on the CS2 sauna in Nottingham, Secrets of the Sauna is set to reveal an ‘insight into a hidden world and a surprising, sideways look at modern gay relationships’.

‘Customers come here at any time of the day – during their lunch break or after a night out to have sex with perfect strangers,’ the statement reads.

‘And business is booming.’

The documentary will follow regular customer Narvel, a local politician and his news husband and the sauna’s owners John and Joe to explore the ups and downs of their relationships.

‘Narvel readily admits, he “likes sex”, telling us about his glory years in Detroit when he would frequently have sex with five men in a single night,’ Channel 4 writes.

‘But at the age of 69, fearing a heart attack, Narvel is starting to slow down. And back home, husband Terry would rather he didn’t visit at all…’

Robin, a Conservative Councilor, and his new husband Andy tell Channel 4 ‘of a time when the police used to raid gay saunas on a regular basis‘; but now, local politicians can ‘openly use the sex swings at CS2 without fear of intimidation,’ according to the broadcaster.

John and Joe, owners of CS2, have been together for more than 30 years and are soon to be married.

According to the statement, for them ‘owning a sauna is a lifestyle choice and as they readily admit, both are more than happy to mix business with pleasure’, with the documentary exploring how the sauna will affect their relationship.

Channel 4 have not yet set a transmission date for the documentary, but it is expected to air later this year.