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Channel Islands celebrate its first ever Pride

Channel Islands celebrate its first ever Pride

The Channel Islands have held its first Pride march in Jersey today.

The event takes place from Friday to Sunday (11-13) which, besides the march, includes music, comedy and film shows.

Guernsey-based LGBTI advocacy group Liberate organized the event at which around 3000 people have been estimated attending.

Christian May of Liberate told BBC News: ‘Growing up an openly gay man I never thought I’d see anything like this in Jersey. I’m amazed at how far the island has come.’

The pride event indicates shifting attitudes on the British-controlled islands, which lie between England and France. Liberate are continuing to work toward marriage equality in the region, which could be as far away as 2017.

They announced on their twitter account the next event is already planned to take place in Guernsey next year.