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15 asexual characters you can find on your screen

15 asexual characters you can find on your screen

Todd from Bojack Horseman 

The asexual community was delighted in 2016 when character Todd started to allude to the fact that he may be asexual. He officially came out as asexual in a 2017 episode.

In the episode, Todd was asked by his girlfriend at the end of season 3 if he was gay after they didn’t have sex.  ‘I think I’m nothing,’ was his response.

Raphael Santiago from Shadowhunters

Shadowhunters stuck to the books when it came to Raphael Santiago’s sexuality. In the Season 2B finale, he opened up to companion Isabelle about being asexual.

He explains to her simply in the 2017 episode that he is ‘just not interested in sex.’

Lord Varys from Game Of Thrones

Millions of people all over the world watch Game Of Thrones.

When Lord Varys came out as asexual in 2014, it put the sexuality in front of people who will have never even known about it before.

Brad from Faking It

Faking It has a wide range of LGBTI representation – Including an intersex main character.

A regular supporting character called Brad came out as asexual in 2016.

Gerald Tippett from Shortland Street

Throughout Shortland Street, we watch Gerald’s entire asexual storyline.

We get to see Gerald navigating the dating world as an asexual hetero-romantic man.

Poppy from Huge

Huge was a 2010 show following the lives of seven teens and the staff at a weight-loss camp. Camp counsellor Poppy is sat down with fellow counsellor George discussing Phantasma (which is essentially Twilight).

Poppy explains that she doesn’t understand having such an obsession with someone. She says the reason for that is because she is asexual.

She was the first out asexual character in an American drama.

Voodoo from Sirens

Bob Fisher, creator of Sirens, explained that they decided to add an asexual character to the show as ‘we thought that it would be an interesting thing to explore.’ He also added that it’d be ‘an interesting flip on the convention of will-they-won’t-they. It’s an entirely new spin on that issue, because you have a character who won’t. If they feel a strong friendship, how do they navigate that?’

Throughout the show we see Voodoo get close with Brian. He’s attracted to Voodoo, despite her repeatedly reminding him that they’ll never have a physical relationship because she is asexual. We go on to see how the two manage their relationship, and what impact Voodoo’s asexuality has on their potential future.

Beth from The March Family Letters

Online series The March Family Letters very casually introduced the fact that one of the characters is asexual.

Beth is asked about whether there’s potential romance between her and another male character. She reminds the person asking that she is asexual, meaning it won’t happen.

Liv Flaherty from Emmerdale

Emmerdale is one of the UK’s most popular and most watched soap operas. It’s set in a tiny village in the Yorkshire Dales.

Having an asexual character in this show is amazing representation for those who are isolated out in villages, without the resources a big city might have to offer them.

Yuki Nagato from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 

Multiple online asexual forums describe Yuki Nagato as asexual.

Yuki is an ‘alien droid bookworm magician type thingamy.’

Anime character Yuki Nagato
Yuki Nagato | Photo: Haruhi Chan Suzumiya: Yuki Nagato and Ryoko Asakura Funny Moments YouTube

Evan Waxman from High Maintenance

Evan Waxman is a ‘magic-loving asexual’ who often pops up in online series High Maintenance.

Asexual character Evan Waxman | Photo: Avery Monsen Showreel IMDB

Kevin from The Black Donnellys 

The Black Donnellys was an American drama aired back in 2007. It centered around the Donnelly family.

One of the brothers, Kevin, was asexual. One character made a remark about Kevin, saying ‘[he’s] never seen a more asexual kid in [his] life.’

Kevin Donnelly | Photo: The Black Donnellys IMDB

Misty Day from American Horror Story

While it isn’t made clear in the show that Misty Day is asexual, show creator Ryan Murphy feels she is.

He was asked in an Entertainment Weekly interview whether Misty was romantically or platonically interested in Zoe Benson. Ryan started his answer by explaining: ‘I think Misty is just an asexual character.’

Lily Rabe as Misty Day | Photo: American Horror Story IMDB

Father Noel Furlong from Father Ted

It was not stated in Father Ted that character Father Noel Furlong was asexual.

However, the show creator Graham Lineham has stated that he wrote Noel as an asexual character.

Graham Norton as Father Noel Furlong in Father Ted | Photo: Father Ted Channel 4

The Professor from Gilligan’s Island

The Professor in 60’s show Gilligan’s Island is another example of a character who wasn’t explicitly asexual in the show. But, he was described as asexual by Russell Johnson who played him.

Russell once recalled a time when a female character was ‘really all over him.’ The attraction wasn’t reciprocated however. The Professor was more interested in ‘talking about Lepidoptera (moths and butterflies) and flora and fauna.’

Russel then went on to explain that the show ‘kept The Professor asexual.’

Russell Johnson in Gilligan’s Island (1964) | Photo: Russell Johnson IMDB

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