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Charlie Sheen alleges Chandler Massey ‘fired’ from role as gay man on US soap

Charlie Sheen alleges Chandler Massey ‘fired’ from role as gay man on US soap

Only a few hours after Chandler Massey shared with Gay Star News that he had just filmed his final scenes for NBC’s Days of Our Lives, Charlie Sheen went on a Twitter tirade alleging that the show had ‘fired’ the young actor.

Sheen, with whom Massey shares a publicist, tweeted: hey “Days of our Lives” producers – newsflash you two dollar pig phukkers: now your show REALLY sux!! you fired Chandler Massey?? Are you trying to make Ashley Butcher look talented? NOW his career begins! he’s a winner. period the end. his TWO EMMYS speak to that fact loud and clear.

Massey has played the popular gay character of Will Horton since 2010 and been nominated for an Emmy each year, winning twice.

In speaking with GSN Friday (23 August) evening, Massey said there had been no ill will between he and the powers that be.

‘I’m appreciative for Days and NBC for letting me out of my contract early so I can go and pursue these opportunities that I have not been able to pursue before,’ Massey said.

The show released a statement of its own which said in part: ‘Due to current storyline and the timely discovery of new talent that the show feels is the right recast for Will Horton, a mutual decision has been made for the changes to taken place immediately.’

After winning his second Emmy in June, Massey said he planned to leave the show at the end of his four-year contract which ended in December.