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Chasten Buttigieg’s brother says he doesn’t ‘support the gay lifestyle’

Chasten Buttigieg’s brother says he doesn’t ‘support the gay lifestyle’

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Chasten Buttigieg opened up about his family’s reaction to him being gay – and it was not positive.

In an interview with The Washington Post, the husband to Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg says one brother asked ‘if I was sick’. The other said that he is ‘no brother of mine’.

His mother broke down in tears.

The reaction led to Buttigieg leaving home. He was left homeless, sleeping in his car in the parking lot of the community college he was attending at the time. Also, his friends put him up on their coaches.

However, his mother called him and asked him to return. He said: ‘I cried and I went home immediately.’

His parents eventually accepted him – and even walked him down the aisle at his wedding to Pete, the Mayor of South Bend, in 2018.

Unfortunately, he hasn’t reconciled with his brothers, Rhyan and Dustin, yet.

Rhyan, who is a Christian pastor in Michigan, told the Post: ‘I want the best for him. I just don’t support the gay lifestyle.’

Pete Buttigieg is one of the front-runners of the Democratic presidential nomination. This means he stands a chance of being the first openly gay president of the United States, with Chasten being the first ever first man.

Chasten has been very open about their relationship on the campaign trail. In a recent video, he spoke about their first date.

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