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Check out the most colourful photos from Hong Kong’s Pink Dot festival

Check out the most colourful photos from Hong Kong’s Pink Dot festival

Pink Dot 2017 was attended by thousands of people in Hong Kong

Thousands of people turned up to Hong Kong’s annual celebration of the country’s LGBTI community.

The 4th annual Pink Dot Festival went off without a hitch on Sunday, with the majority of attendees wearing pink in celebration.

‘Love is Natural’ was this year’s Pink Dot theme, which reflects the organization’s core philosophy of support for the LGBTI community, their friends, families and colleagues.

Newly married couple William Tang and Clement Cheng took to the stage to talk about how important marriage was to them.

The couple even shared an impromptu kiss on the main stage which drew shocked reactions from the crowd. The men said it showed Hong Kong still has a way to go in LGBTI acceptance.

‘I felt like doing that, it felt great,’ Tang told Gay Star News.

‘I wanted to come out today and share my story and hopefully Hong Kong can become a more LGBTI friendly city,’ Cheng said.

Pop star Denise Ho – who was the first singers in Hong Kong to come out publicly – stole the show as the headlining act.

Her organization, BigLove Alliance, was one of the main organizers of the Pink Dot event. She also said Hong Kong was making slow changes for the better for the LGBTI community.

‘We formed this [BigLove Alliance] in 2013, the year after Anthony Wong and I came out,’ she said.

‘It seems like such a long time ago, but it’s only been a few years. We see the society is changing and is evolving slowly and I guess we are making some progress.

‘I see people enjoying themselves, we don’t have so many events for the gay community in Hong Kong… it’s a good time for the community to come together.’

‘It’s important for us to see each other, I think this is an important part of the event.

Check out Gay Star News’ photos from Pink Dot Hong Kong 2017:


2. William and Clement celebrate their marriage



5. The Pink Divas

6. Intersex advocate, Small Luk













19. Covenant of the Rainbow members




Pink Dot 2017
Pink Dot 2017