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Check out the full Friday line-up for Digital Pride here

Digital Pride will take place 24-30 April!

Check out the full Friday line-up for Digital Pride here

Digital Pride is less than a month away!

As the world’s only online LGBTI event, Digital Pride will be bringing you a full week of events, videos, debates, and more. No matter where you are in the world this is a Pride that YOU can be a part of.

Check out the full Friday line-up below:

Friday 28 April

A Gay Night Out: NYC

1am – Los Angeles / 4am – New York / 9am London / 4pm – Hong Kong / 6pm – Sydney

NYC has one of the most dynamic LGBTI communities in the world, with a nightlife like few others. Travel around NYC with Broadway performer Charlie Williams (currently in Miss Saigon) as he finds out why people love being LGBTI in New York City.

Where you can see it:

Prides Around the World: Copenhagen

2am – Los Angeles / 5am – New York / 10am – London / 5pm – Hong Kong / 7pm – Sydney

The first Copenhagen Pride took place in 1996.  Since then it takes over City Hall Square every year for a week of parties, concerts, films, and more. It’s Denmark’s largest annual LGBTI festival.

The highlight of Copenhagen Pride is the festive and colorful parade that marks the very end. Take a peek with us as we take you along to Copenhagen Pride.

Where you can see it:

Personal Story: Transitioning in the 1960s

2:30am – Los Angeles / 5:30am – New York / 10:30am – London / 5:30pm – Hong Kong / 7:30pm – Sydney

An older trans-man provides a glimpse into what it was like to transition back in the 1960s. He remembers the time he went to his doctor, aged just 14, to mention he was trans. But it didn’t go as planned, and he ended up in a mental hospital. Listen to his soul-stirring account.

The goal of YouTube channel My Genderation is to showcase films about individuals and events for the global trans community.

Where you can see it:

3am – Los Angeles / 6am – New York / 11am – London / 6pm – Hong Kong / 8pm – Sydney

Leah Allyce Canali is a Boston-born, Toronto-based singer/songwriter. Picture a cross between RuPaul, Bette Midler and Adele. Leah began her professional career as a vocalist at the age of 17 and has performed around the globe.

She has been a featured vocalist for many Pride celebrations including the main stage of Toronto Pride, 2016. Now she’s ready to perform for Digital Pride.

Where you can see it:

Women’s voices: The importance of not letting others tell our stories

4am – Los Angeles / 7am – New York  / 12pm – London / 7pm – Hong Kong / 9pm – Sydney

Watch our panel discussion around how women should be empowering themselves within the LGBTI community. Panelists include: Jane Fae, Amy Nield (pictured), and Moud Goba.

GET INVOLVED – Leave us your questions on the Digital Pride website, Facebook page, or YouTube to have it answered by the panelists.

Where you can see it:

Personal Story: Tayler

5am – Los Angeles / 8am – New York / 1pm – London / 8pm – Hong Kong / 10pm – Sydney

Tayler just turned 14 and lives in Wales. He came out to his school when he was 12 and is currently on hormone blockers. When he turns 16 Tayler hopes to start taking testosterone to kickstart male puberty. Listen to this kind soul’s story.

The goal of YouTube channel My Genderation is to showcase films about individuals and events for the global trans community.

Where you can see it:

Prides Around the World: Brighton

6am – Los Angeles / 9am – New York / 2pm – London / 9pm – Hong Kong / 11pm – Sydney

Every year Brighton holds a glittery pride celebration consisting of a parade and a festival in Preston Park. Its main purpose is to promote tolerance and diversity within the community. Throughout the years it has welcomed some amazing performers including Carly Rae Jepsen, Fatboy Slim, Ruby Rose, Boy George, and more.

Come see why Brighton Pride is one of the largest Prides in the UK.

Where you can see it:

Personal Story: Fox Fisher: Artist, Film-maker & Activist

7am – Los Angeles / 10am – New York / 3pm – London / 10pm – Hong Kong / 12am [Saturday] – Sydney

Fox was assigned female at birth and identifies as non-binary/trans. Struggling with life as a female they open up about transitioning and the reactions of their family.

The goal of My Genderation is to make films about individuals and events for the global trans community.

Where you can see it:

Proud Unicorn: Casablanca

8am – Los Angeles / 11am – New York / 4pm – London / 11pm – Hong Kong / 1am [Saturday] – Sydney

Proud Unicorn

Digital Pride and Proud Unicorn proudly present a retelling of the popular romance Casablanca with an LGBTI twist.

Watch the retelling of the iconic scene between Rick and Ilsa saying their famous goodbye. Here’s looking at you, kid.

Where you can see it:

Prides Around the World: Stockholm

9am – Los Angeles / 12pm – New York / 5pm – London / 12am [Saturday] – Hong Kong / 2am [Saturday] – Sydney

Take a trip to Stockholm Pride, Scandinavia’s largest Pride festival. Their mission is to raise awareness for LGBTI issues and create a safe zone for the entire community. Since 1998 the Pride has grown to encompass more than 600,000 people during the parade in the streets.

The next Stockholm Pride will be held 31 July to 6 August 2017. If you can’t wait that long, check out our video to get you in the mood.

Where you can see it:

Celebrity Cruises: Grant Van Ulbrich

9:30am – Los Angeles / 12:30pm – New York / 5:30pm – London / 12:30am [Saturday] – Hong Kong / 2:30am [Saturday] – Sydney

Watch Grant Van Ulbrich, Global Director of Diversity and Inclusion for Royal Caribbean Cruises, discuss why he thinks all companies should be championing diversity.

Where you can see it:

Performance: Bahar Dopran

10am – Los Angeles / 1pm – New York / 6pm – London / 1am [Saturday] – Hong Kong / 3am [Friday] – Sydney

Bahar Dopran is a singer/songwriter. Currently gigging in the London circuit and in the process of writing her debut album, Bahar is an LGBTI ally through and through. She always surrounds herself musically and socially within the LGBTI community and makes sure people know she is proud to be an LGBTI supporter.

Where you can see it:

Digital Pride Film Screening at The Hospital Club

10:30am – Los Angeles / 1:30pm – New York / 6:30pm – London / 1:30am [Saturday] – Hong Kong / 3:30am [Saturday] – Sydney


A film screening of multiple LGBTI films at the exquisite Hospital Club in Covent Garden. But fear not, all films will be available to view online here at Digital Pride.

The amazing line-up includes Brandon Zuck’s Goodbye Blue Sky and Jake Graf’s Dawn.

Where you can see it:

Personal Story: Reuben

2pm – Los Angeles / 5pm – New York / 10pm – London / 5am [Saturday] – Hong Kong / 7am [Saturday] – Sydney

Introducing young trans man Reuben, who is at the very beginning of his journey. Learn about his desires and dreams as he begins to consider transitioning.

The goal of YouTube channel My Genderation is to make films about individuals and events for the global trans community.

Where you can see it:

Performance: Lauren Shippen

3pm – Los Angles / 6pm – New York / 11pm – London / 6am [ Saturday] – Hong Kong / 8am [Saturday] – Sydney

Lauren Shippen is a writer and actor living in Los Angeles. She is the creator and writer for The Bright Sessions, a science fiction audio drama that was named one of the Best Podcasts of 2016 by iTunes, Wired, Popular Science Magazine, and IndieWire.

The show has been featured in Vox and Lauren has been invited to participate in the WNYC’s Werk It Festival which celebrates women in podcasting. When she isn’t podcasting, Lauren acts as one of the leads in the web series, Natural 20 (Escapist Magazine) and goofs off on her YouTube channel, according to Tumblr.

As a member of the LGBTI community, Lauren is always striving to use her art for good and is very excited to be taking part in this year’s Digital Pride!

Where you can see it:

 Click here for the full Digital Pride Saturday line-up.

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