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Check out the full Saturday line-up for Digital Pride here

Digital Pride will take place 24-30 April!

Check out the full Saturday line-up for Digital Pride here
Digital Pride is bringing the LGBTI pride movement online!

Digital Pride is less than a month away!

As the world’s only online LGBTI event, Digital Pride will be bringing you a full week of events, videos, debates, and more. No matter where you are in the world this is a Pride that YOU can be a part of.

Check out the full Saturday line-up below:

Saturday 29 April

A Gay Night Out: Mexico City

1am – Los Angeles / 4am – New York / 9am – London / 4pm – Hong Kong / 6pm – Sydney

Idan takes us around Mexico City to show us the LGBTI community and where they like to dance the night away.

Where you can see it:

Personal Story: Oliva

2am – Los Angeles / 5am – New York / 10am – London / 5pm – Hong Kong / 7pm – Sydney

Meet Oliva, a punk singer/songwriter from Hastings, East Sussex, UK, who has an interesting take on gender and doesn’t conform to gender roles.

The goal of YouTube channel My Genderation is to showcase films about individuals and events for the global trans community.

Where you can see it:

Scottish, Trans and Proud: Trans Healthcare

3am – Los Angeles / 6am – New York / 11am – London / 6pm – Hong Kong / 8pm – Sydney

Trans men, trans women, and non-binary people share their deeply personal and moving healthcare experiences in a film examining the impact of patchy delivery and long waiting times for gender services across Scotland.

Where you can see it:

Prides Around the World: CSD Berlin

4am – Los Angeles / 7am – New York / 12pm – London / 7pm – Hong Kong / 9pm – Sydney

Come and see what Christopher Street Day, the German name for Pride, in Berlin is all about. Gay Star News’ Video Editor Lewis Peters takes you on a trip to the German capital and its celebrating of the LGBTI community in a once divided, now united, city.

Where you can see it:

Queer Kingdom

5am – Los Angeles / 8am New York / 1pm – London / 8pm – Hong Kong / 10pm – Sydney

What’s life like for LGBTI people outside of the big cities? Do they face discrimination? Are rural attitudes different to those in the city? What’s life like in the Kingdom of Fife in Scotland?

This Scottish short film answers all these questions, and then some.

Where you can see it:

The Hopkins Conundrum

6am – Los Angeles / 9am – New York / 2pm – London / 9pm – Hong Kong / 11pm – Sydney

Watch and listen to British journalist, critic, and writer Simon Edge discuss his new novel The Hopkins Conundrum – a literary comedy about Gerard Manley Hopkins and five shipwrecked nuns.

Where you can see it:

Performance: Christopher Haul

7am – Los Angeles / 10am New York / 3pm – London / 10pm – Hong Kong / 12am [Sunday] – Sydney

Christopher Haul is a singer/songwriter and model originally from South Wales, currently based in East London.

Christopher always knew from a young age he would be a performer. Since moving to London, he has been writing and recording his music with the legendary production teams such as ‘Gros Soda’ (Ellie Goulding / Leona Lewis / John Newman).

He’s proud to be a part of Digital Pride and is ready to perform for you.

Where you can see it:

Time for Inclusive Education?

8am – Los Angeles / 11am – New York / 4pm – London / 11pm – Hong Kong / 1am [Sunday] – Sydney

Is Scotland ready to face the challenge of tackling homophobic, biphobic and transphobic (HBT) bullying in schools? Is its education system ready to sufficiently train teachers to support LGBTI kids and stop the harmful, sometimes devastating, effects bullying has on their lives?

Pink Saltire’s short aims to find answer to these questions.

Where you can see it:

Personal Story: Patchwork – Darcy & Rosa

9am – Los Angeles / 12pm – New York / 5pm – London / 12am [Sunday] – Hong Kong / 2am [Sunday] – Sydney

Watch and listen to this trans couple’s unique story, from how they first met to still being a happy couple 13 years later.

The goal of My Genderation is to make films about individuals and events for the global trans community.

Where you can see it:

Personal Story: Luke

10am – Los Angeles / 1pm – New York / 6pm – London / 1am [Sunday] – Hong Kong / 3am [Sunday] – Sydney

Meet Luke, a Scottish trans teenager with a passion for Doctor Who. He loves his dog – who placed high at Crufts! – and time travel. In this video he speaks about his life and how drawing helped him with his transition.

The goal of YouTube channel My Genderation is to showcase films about individuals and events for the global trans community.

Where you can see it:

Performance: Adam Roberts

11am – Los Angeles / 2pm – New York / 7pm – London / 2am [Sunday] – Hong Kong / 4am [Sunday] – Sydney

Adam Roberts was born into a musical family, his father a singer/guitarist and grandfather in the Steel Guitar Hall of Fame, so it was inevitable that he’d follow suit and pursue his dream of performing onstage for the masses. He began working professionally at age 10 and went on to further his education, receiving his BFA in Musical Theatre from Coastal Carolina University.

After following his dreams of moving to NYC he made his Broadway debut in Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. Adam has also been seen in Pippin on Broadway, the National tour of Dirty Dancing, Off Broadway in Standard Time. and harmonizing with his own singing group, Apollo Link. He most recently finished co-directing and choreographing Broadway Backwards.

He’s now ready to bring his talents to Digital Pride.

Where you can see it:

Educate & Celebrate

12pm – Los Angels / 3pm – New York / 8pm – London / 3am [Sunday] – Hong Kong / 5am [Sunday] – Sydney

Elly Barnes, CEO of charity Educate & Celebrate, discusses why schools need to be LGBTI friendly places.

Where you can see it:

Artists Adrian+Shane create an exclusive art piece for Digital Pride

1pm – Los Angels / 4pm – New York / 9pm – London / 4am [Sunday] – Hong Kong / 6am [Sunday] – Sydney

Make sure to get your own piece of Digital Pride!

Adrian+Shane created this new work especially for Digital Pride. Mobile phones have taken over. You’ll find them everywhere you go. There’s no escape from the selfies and selfie sticks. Combining this with the iconic image of St. Sebastian seems fitting. The video shows the pop art duo creating this new artwork in their studio in Ireland.

They have been creating art together for over 19 years. They specialise in pop art, with a variety of mediums, from paint, to collage, photos and video. They use their art to comment on religion, sexuality, politics and have exhibited around the world including Dublin, London, New York, Berlin, L.A., Barcelona, San Francisco.

Click here to see the full Digital Pride line-up for Sunday!

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