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Check out the full Wednesday line-up for Digital Pride here

Digital Pride will take place 24-30 April!

Check out the full Wednesday line-up for Digital Pride here
Digital Pride is bringing the LGBTI pride movement online.

As the world’s only online LGBTI event, Digital Pride will be bringing you a full week of events, videos, debates, and more. No matter where you are in the world this is a Pride that YOU can be a part of.

Check out the full Wednesday line-up below:

Wednesday 26 April

A Gay Night Out: Denver, Colorado

1am – Los Angeles / 4am – New York / 9am – London / 4pm – Hong Kong / 6pm – Sydney

Take a trip with Eli as he finds out why people love being LGBTI in Denver, Colorado and showcases some of the top gay hotspots.

The 30-something local, who works as a creative director in pharmaceuticals, knows the Mile High City’s gay scene inside out, and will also be introducing readers to some of his hot friends. To find out more about the scene, visit the LGBTI portal on the VISIT DENVER website.

Where you can see it:

Be a part of Miami Beach Pride and showcase your true self with Celebrity Cruises

2am – Los Angeles / 5am – New York / 10am – London / 5pm – Hong Kong / 7pm – Sydney

Join Celebrity Cruises at Miami Beach Pride.

Celebrity Cruises is at the forefront of championing diversity and inclusiveness for its guests and workers. This year they took part in Miami Beach Pride with a float decked out with flowers and dancers.

A spokesperson for Celebrity Cruises said, ‘Pride is when you see the true potential in every person, in every human being. It means allowing people to be themselves so that they can truly be the best version of themselves.’ Celebrity Cruises’ presence at Miami Beach Pride solidifies their dedication to the LGBTI community.

Come along with Celebrity Cruises as they showcase their march in the parade, interview guests, and even speak to comedian and TV host Ross Matthews.

Where you can see it:

LGBTI Icons: Where Are They Now?

3am – Los Angeles / 6am – New York / 11am – London / 6pm – Hong Kong / 8pm – Sydney

Sometimes it feels like LGBTIs are more visible in the mainstream media than ever – but is this all it seems? Watch as our panel discusses stereotyping, typecasting and the age-old question – should straight actors play gay roles?

Panelists include deputy community editor for The Economist Adam Smith [pictured], filmmaker and trans campaigner Fox Fisher, fellow trans campaigner Ugla Stefania, filmmaker and actor Leon Lopez, and playwright and journalist Patrick Cash.

GET INVOLVED – Leave us your questions on the Digital Pride website, Facebook page, or YouTube to have it answered by the panelists.

Where you can see it:

The Wisdom of the Older LGBTI Community

4am – Los Angeles / 7am – New York / 12pm – London / 7pm – Hong Kong / 9pm – Sydney

Barclays is a proud partner of Gay Star New’s Digital Pride – the global, online Pride Festival. Join us for a live stream panel discussion in London revolving around the older LGBTI community.

There will be two discussions; one in London and one in New York City – both will be streamed online. Speaking at the London conference will be author Linda Wilkinson, activist and writer Rikki Beadle-Blair and Emerald Life chairman Steve Wardlaw.

Where you can see it:

Performance: Jordan Gray

5am – Los Angeles / 8am – New York / 1pm – London / 8pm – Hong Kong / 10pm – Sydney

Digital Pride performers

Since making her name on the 2016 series of The Voice, the inimitable Jordan Gray has become one of the UK’s most recognizable trans spokespeople.

The star will show off her impressive vocal range for LGBTI fans and allies, during this intimate performance in London, which you can watch online.

Personal Story: Doreen

5:30am – Los Angeles / 8:30am – New York / 1:30pm – London / 8:30pm – Hong Kong / 10:30pm – Sydney

Doreen is a lesbian woman from Uganda with a heartbreaking and important story to share. The mother-of-one fled the African country, known for being one of the most homophobic in the world, after being raped and abused. Doreen’s story and struggle offers a crucial, human insight into the experience of being queer in Uganda.

Doreen is a member of Out and Proud Africa, an African LGBTI rights and human rights activist charity. Their mission is to defend human dignity, freedom, justice and equality for LGBTI people in Africa.

Where you can see it:

Prides Around the World: Hong Kong

6am – Los Angeles / 9am – New York / 2pm – London / 9pm  – Hong Kong / 11pm – Sydney

A fascinating look at what Pride looks like in one of Asia’s coolest cities (not to mention one of its most gay-friendly).

This collection of footage from Prides of years past comes straight from the organizers of the Hong Kong Pride Parade themselves. Last year’s event attracted almost 7000 marchers.

Where you can see it:

Personal Story: Captain Hannah & Private Mel

7am – Los Angeles / 10am – New York / 3pm – London / 10pm – Hong Kong / 12am [Thursday] – Sydney

Meet Captain Hannah and Private Mel, who are both trans and serve in the British Army. Here both share their experiences of being trans in what many perceive to still be a very conservative environment.

This mini-documentary comes courtesy of YouTube channel My Genderation, the goal of which is to showcase films about individuals and events for the global trans community.

Where you can see it:

Proud Unicorn: Titanic

8am- Los Angeles / 11am – New York / 4pm – London / 11pm – Hong Kong / 1am [Thursday] – Sydney

Proud Unicorn

Digital Pride and Proud Unicorn, a multimedia production company, proudly present a retelling of the popular film Titanic, with an LGBTI twist.

This hilarious short film recreates the iconic ‘I’m flying!’ scene between Jack and Rose on the ill-fated ship, but with two rather handsome actors replacing Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio…

Where you can see it:

The Wisdom of the Older LGBTI Community

9am – Los Angeles / 12pm – New York / 5pm – London / 12am [Thursday] – Hong Kong / 2am [Thursday] – Sydney

Barclays is a proud partner of Gay Star New’s Digital Pride – the global, online Pride Festival. Join us for a live stream panel discussion in NYC revolving around the older LGBTI community. Speakers include:

  • Elise Colomer-Cheadle – interim Director of Institutional Partnerships at SAGE (services and Advocacy for LGBT Elders)
  • Robby Gregg – Client Engagement Lead Cook Ross a leading consultancy Reinventing Diversity for the 21ST Century
  • Tyler Neasloney – Special events & Communications Manager, Ali Forney Centre

Where you can see it:

Performance: Valerio, Laura, and Sara

10am – Los Angeles / 1pm – New York / 6pm – London / 1am [Thursday] – Hong Kong / 3am [Thursday] – Sydney

English singer/songwriter Valerio Lysander, who sings about same-sex relationships in his lyrics, leads the charge in this mini-gig.

He is supported by friends and fellow singers Laura Reznek and Sara Newton. For more information about Valerio, check out his official website here.

Live interview: Paul Flynn – Good As You

10.30am – Los Angeles / 1.30pm – New York / 6.30pm – London / 1.30am [Thursday] – Hong Kong / 3.30am [Thursday] – Sydney

Paul FlynnPaul Flynn | Facebook

Paul Flynn

Acclaimed British journalist Paul Flynn publishes an eagerly-awaited book this week. Good As You: From Prejudice to Pride – 30 Years of Gay Britain looks at the changes in attitudes towards gay people within the UK, and some of the landmark cultural moments that have accompanied these changes.

Paul will be taking part in a live streamed interview about the book at the Gay Star News offices in London.

Where you can see it:

Personal Story: Rudi

11am – Los Angeles / 2pm – New York / 7pm – London / 2am [Thursday] – Hong Kong / 4am [Thursday] – Sydney

London gay guy Rudi discusses his experiences of living with HIV, starting with his diagnosis in 2014. ‘My initial reaction was quite calm,’ he admits.

He goes on to describe the learning curve he’s been on since then, from the day-to-day reality of living with the condition to dealing with society’s often outdated attitudes.

Where you can see it:

A Gay Night Out: Berlin

12pm – Los Angeles / 3pm – New York / 8pm – London / 3am [Thursday] – Hong Kong / 5am [Thursday] – Sydney

Come with us as we bar-and-club-hop our way through Berlin.

Queer influencers, movers and shakers come together in the German capital to showcase the best of the city’s thriving and diverse LGBTI nightlife scene.

Where you can see it:

Personal Story: Sivlong Ny

1pm – Los Angeles / 4pm – New York / 9pm – London / 4am [Thursday] – Hong Kong / 6am [Thursday] – Sydney

Watch and listen to Sivlong’s story about being LGBTI in Phnom Penh in Cambodia, and how social enterprise Micro Rainbow helped her start her own business. Here the organization catches up with Sivlong to find out more about her life and work in the Asian nation.

Micro Rainbow’s mission is to create tools, programs, and policy recommendations that enable LGBTI people to step out of poverty everywhere.

Where you can see it:

A Gay Night Out: Madrid

2pm – Los Angeles / 5pm – New York / 10pm – London / 5am [Thursday] – Hong Kong / 7am [Thursday] – Sydney

We’ve toured Denver and Berlin – now step into the Spain’s sexist city for a night out like none other.

We take a stroll through Madrid’s hottest clubs and bars with local guy Ruffino and his friends, as he shows us why he loves being LGBTI in Madrid while showing you all the best hotspots along the way.

Where you can see it:

Personal Story: Aline

3pm – Los Angeles / 6pm – New York / 11pm – London / 6am [Thursday] – Hong Kong / 8am [Thursday] – Sydney

Another video interview from Micro Rainbow. Aline shares her experience of being a lesbian in Brazil and how Micro Rainbow assisted her in pursuing her entrepreneurial dreams.

With the help of the organization she was able to take a course in finance and start her own business in cakes and sweets.

Where you can see it:

 Click here to see the full Digital Pride Thursday line-up.

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