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Check out the new project bringing diversity and LGBTI inclusion to children’s animation

Check out the new project bringing diversity and LGBTI inclusion to children’s animation

Big World, Little Om is a new project in children's animation aiming at promoting diversity

Children’s animation is tragically low when it comes to diversity, not unlike the rest of the media landscape. There are a few shows like Steven Universe and The Legend of Korra, which strive to be more inclusive, but they’re the exception.

Now, however, there’s a new title on the scene trying to change things.

Big World, Little Om tells the story of Om and his two mothers. The series, if it becomes a reality, seeks to explore diverse issues families can face.

As the website explains: ‘These issues can be anything from gender or sexuality, same sex parents to having multiple parents due to a relationship splitting up. Or maybe a parent has died leaving the other as the main care provider. There are many issues a family may face whether they are social or political.’

The one-minute trailer shows Om facing things like bullying and diversity of culture and religion. You can watch it below.

The project has an Indiegogo campaign set up with the hopes of raising $60,000. The money is to create a 5-minute pilot and market it, with the hopes of making the series a reality.

‘Spread the word that Love is Love’  in animation

The creator of the show is Meher, a bisexual Muslim woman from Pakistan.

She shares her story on the campaign page, including losing the love of her life.

‘The one thing she wanted was the one thing I couldn’t give: acceptance for herself and her son by her family, who didn’t support her lifestyle.  This is the one thing that kept us apart,’ she writes. ‘While I will be forever sad and upset, I need to know I can help the future generations from ever having to worry about the acceptance of others through this story of Little Om.’

The aim of the show is to ‘teach kids acceptance, kindness and understanding’.

As Meher writes: ‘I want to spread the word that Love is Love.

‘Big World, Little Om will be a show dedicated to showing how wonderful –but sometimes challenging—the lives are for unique families. It can be a child who has a disability, a refugee family, or how children cope in families going through a divorce. I’m not excluding anyone. I want these kids to see themselves on media in a positive, uplifting way.’

You can donate to the campaign here.

Watch the trailer for Big World, Little Om: