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Check out the full Monday line-up for Digital Pride here

Digital Pride will take place 24-30 April!

Check out the full Monday line-up for Digital Pride here
Digital Pride is here!

Digital Pride is less than a month away!

As the world’s only online LGBTI event Digital Pride will be bringing you a full week of events, videos, debates, and more. No matter where you are in the world this is a Pride that YOU can be a part of.

Check out the full Monday line-up below:

Sunday 23 April

London Gay Symphony Orchestra

11am – Los Angeles / 2pm – New York / 7pm – London / 3am [Monday] – Hong Kong / 6am [Monday] – Sydney

What better way to kick start off Digital Pride with a boombastic performance from the London Gay Symphony Orchestra?

From Beethoven to Kodaly, watch one of the most virtuoso flutists in the world perform a jaw-dropping solo.

Watch the live stream here:

Monday 24 April

Tate Britain: Queer British Art Exhibition

2am – Los Angeles / 5am – New York / 10am – London / 5pm – Hong Kong / 7pm – Sydney

Sappho and Erinna

Take a tour through the Tate Britain as we showcase works relating to lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer identities as a mark of the 50th anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality in England. Here’s your chance to witness some deeply personal and intimate works that reveal an extraordinary range of identities and stories.

Where you can see it:

Performance: JLine

3am – Los Angeles / 6am – New York / 11am – London / 6pm – Hong Kong / 8pm – Sydney

This pop/R&B artist from the heart of Los Angeles will personal, heartfelt songs. Hailed as a ‘piece of pop perfection’, don’t miss out on this young artist’s song about how he triumphed over bullying.

Where you can see it:

Celebrity Cruises: Jo Rzymowska

3:30am – Los Angeles / 6:30 am – New York / 11:30am – London / 6:30pm – Hong Kong / 8:30pm – Sydney

When Jo Rzymowska, Managing Director at Celebrity Cruises UK, was first entering the workforce – she never thought she’d be able to be open as a gay woman.

But now she has seen how inclusive and diverse working on a cruise ship can be. See what advice she has.

Where you can see it:

Media on trial: The fight against transphobia

4am – Los Angeles/ 7am – New York / 12pm – London / 7pm- Hong Kong / 9pm – Sydney

Digital Pride panelist

Watch our panel discussion as we raise awareness around gender issues and explore ways to fight back against transphobia. Panelists include: Jake Graf (pictured), Hannah Winterbourne, Jordan Gray, and Elijah W. Harris.

GET INVOLVED – Leave us your questions on the Digital Pride website, Facebook page, or YouTube to have it answered by the panelists.

Where you can see it:

Personal Story: Yudaya

5am – Los Angeles / 8am – New York / 1pm – London / 8pm- Hong Kong / 10pm – Sydney

Forced to flee Uganda because she’s gay, she started having feelings when she was 8 and didn’t know how to cope with them. Hearing stories of murder and mob violence, she decided to leave her home and find safety in the UK. And now she’s in love and has never been happier.

Watch and listen to Yudaya’s personal story of the trials she has endured.

Yudaya is a member of Out and Proud Africa which is an African Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Intersex rights and human rights activist charity. Their mission is to defend human dignity, freedom, justice and equality for LGBTI people in Africa.

Where you can see it:

Personal Story: Idan Matalon

6am – Los Angeles / 9am – New York / 2pm – London / 9pm – Hong Kong / 11pm – Sydney

Idan is from Israel, and was forced to go into the military. And while most people stay closeted out of fear, Idan decided to come out.

Where you can see it:

Celebrate LGBTI Pride Erase the Hate & Add the Love

7am – Los Angeles / 10am – New York / 3pm – London / 10pm – Hong Kong / 12am [Tuesday] – Sydney

Dozens of people of all shapes and sizes gathered together to make this powerful video. Writing horrific words like ‘queer’ on their bodies, the words that have been used to attack them,  watch how they are transformed as the slurs are erased.

Are you ready to erase the hate and add the love?

You can see the video here.

Interview with Wayne Sleep

7:30am – Los Angeles / 10:30am – New York / 3:30pm – London / 10:30pm – Hong Kong / 12:30am [Tuesday] – Sydney

Wayne Sleep was one of the world’s most well known ballet performers before he became famous for being BFFs with Princess Diana and Freddie Mercury as well as  being a breakout star on British entertainment TV.

You will need to watch this exclusive, explosive interview, with GSN’s director and editor-in-chief Tris Reid-Smith, where Wayne talks being gay before the decriminalization of homosexuality as well as hanging out with his renowned royal friends.

Where you can see it:

Proud Unicorn: Ghost

8am – Los Angeles / 11am – New York / 4pm – London / 11pm – Hong Kong / 1am [Tuesday] – Sydney

Proud Unicorn

Everyone knows one of the most romantic scenes in film: Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze making pottery together in Ghost.

Digital Pride and Proud Unicorn will be retelling the story with an LGBTI twist. You think you got chills before?

Where you can see it:

Prides Around the World: Shanghai

9am – Los Angeles / 12pm – New York / 5pm – London / 12am [Tuesday] – Hong Kong / 2am [Tuesday]  – Sydney

When Shanghai Pride first took place in 2009, no one thought it would be a success.

But now as we head into Pride season, take a sneak peak into one of China’s most liberal and progressive cities.

Who needs a plane ticket? We’ve got the experience right here in a beautiful video of color and celebration.

Where you can see it:

Performance: Sofia B

10am – Los Angeles / 1pm – New York / 6pm – London / 1am [Tuesday] – Hong Kong / 3am [Tuesday] – Sydney

Sofia B is a transatlantic talent transforming difficult subjects into beautiful music. Diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at university, she is spreading the message of love, inclusivity and inspiration with her folk pop

Watching her is like seeing something delicate, timeless, and life-changing.

Where you can see it:

LGBTI Retirement: How to avoid the gay retirement time bomb

11:30am – Los Angeles / 2:30pm – New York / 7:30pm – London / 2:30am [Tuesday] – Hong Kong / 4:30am [Tuesday] – Sydney

Did you know LGBTI people pay 20% more for their retirement compared to straight people? As many same-sex couples feel like they are forced to ‘live for the now’ many are desperately unprepared for their later years.

But Equality Wealth Management, a proud partner of Digital Pride, is here to help you plan for your future. But before you hire expensive accountants and life coaches, financial experts will be on hand to give you all the tips you need to make sure you have your retirement plan sorted.

Where you can see it:

Personal Story: Ayla

2pm – Los Angeles / 5pm – New York / 10pm – London / 5am [Tuesday]- Hong Kong / 7am [Tuesday] – Sydney

Ayla is a search and rescue pilot with the Royal Air Force in the UK, and she’s also trans and gay.

Her story is inspirational, and her wife Wren and her parents share their perspectives on Ayla.

YouTube channel My Genderation aims to showcase films about individuals and events for the global trans community.

Where you can see it:

Prides Around the World: Madrid

3pm – Los Angeles / 6pm – New York / 11pm – London / 6am [Tuesday] – Hong Kong / 8am [Tuesday] – Sydney

Madrid will be holding WorldPride this summer, so what better time to look at one of the sexiest, sun-kissed LGBTI events in the world?

Celebrating Spanish art, culture, sex and sport, there’s no time for a siesta in this beautiful capital.

Take a look into Madrid Pride.

Where you can see it:

Click here to see the Digital Pride line-up for Tuesday!

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