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Check out Star Trek’s Anthony Rapp’s dramatic new haircut

Check out Star Trek’s Anthony Rapp’s dramatic new haircut

  • The actor says he’s seizing the opportunity as roles mean he can’t usually experiment with his hair.
Anthony Rapp in Star Trek: Discovery.

Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp has revealed a dramatic new look – he’s shaved his head as a ‘quarantine haircut’.

The bisexual actor is best known for playing Lieutenant Commander Paul Stamets on the television series Star Trek: Discovery. Lt Cmdr Stamets has made entertainment history as the first openly gay character in the Star Trek universe.

However, Rapp is also a singer and a well-known face on Broadway. He originated the role of Mark Cohen in Rent. Moreover, he’s had leading roles in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown and If/Then.

Rapp is usually instantly recognizable for his strawberry blond hair. And the gay star has previously said it’s his natural color – blond with some ginger in it. Meanwhile, it was died redder when he played Lucas in If/Then.

‘Taking the opportunity’

But now Rapp has taken the cutters to it and got himself a buzz-cut.

Sharing the result on Twitter he said: ‘On a lighter note… quarantine haircut!’

Anthony Rapp shows off his shaved head.
Anthony Rapp shows off his shaved head. Anthony Rapp

One follower responded by asking: ‘How bored are you?’

However, Rapp replied: ‘I’m not! I don’t have the chance to experiment like this often because of work/needing to look consistent. So just taking the opportunity.’

Meanwhile, others have joked it looks like he’s in Cosplay for legendary Star Trek captain Jean-Luc Picard. Thespian Patrick Stewart has played the role since the late 80s and is famous for his shaved, bald head.

Patrick Stewart as Star Trek's Jean-Luc Picard.
Patrick Stewart as Star Trek’s Jean-Luc Picard. Star Trek

During the coronavirus pandemic, Rapp has been encouraging fans and followers to stay home as much as possible. He’s been sharing messages about supporting front-line workers and those without adequate health insurance.

However, he’s also suggested he’ll be passing the time by doing a bit of gaming.

He tweeted: ‘Folks around these parts have asked me if/when I’m gaming lately, and here’s a little something that will definitely get me back into @Borderlands. Glad to see that @GearboxOfficial is fully celebrating the queer content in the game.’

And he’s said he’s sharing his time at home with two adorable ‘kitty companions’.

Anthony Rapp's cute cats.
Anthony Rapp’s cute cats. Anthony Rapp