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Chelsea Handler shows she hasn’t learned and makes new homophobic jokes

Chelsea Handler shows she hasn’t learned and makes new homophobic jokes

Chelsea Handler

Comedian Chelsea Handler is back with her un-funny homophobic jokes — even though she’s been called out for this several times before.

Once again, it happened under the guise of criticizing Republican lawmakers in the United States.

This one happened yesterday, co-opting National Coming Out Day from the LGBTI community. She tweeted about Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and why members of the GOP took a ‘sick day’.

Chelsea Handler tweet
The very not funny tweet | Photo: Twitter @chelseahandler

Her ‘joke’ is the equivalent of the ignorance when people describe things as ‘that’s so gay’.

It implies that gayness or queerness can be the butt of a joke, or a bad thing. Many people immediately told Handler the same thing, and didn’t hold back in calling the so-called joke for what it is: homophobic.

A lot of people also criticized Handler for posing as a progressive ally, but then tweeting things like this.

Tweet about Chelsea Handler
Exactly | Photo: Twitter @jpbevi
Tweet about Chelsea Handler
Definitely not an ally | Photo: Twitter @Staci_Vice
Tweet about Chelsea Handler
We’re all tired of this | Photo: Twitter @CoCoCoryCollins

Twitter user @ggsacks wrote what everyone else was thinking.

Tweet about Chelsea Handler
Preach | Photo: Twitter @ggsacks

At least two times before this, Handler has made homophobic ‘jokes’ on Twitter and received backlash for them.

In April, she tweeted about Attorney General Jeff Sessions being a bottom. Before that, she made another quip about Graham.

It’s not unlike the New York Times’ past political cartoon about Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin being in a relationship.

It’s time to stop making the LGBTI community something that’s perceived as a joke.

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