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Chelsea Manning statue unveiled in Berlin

Chelsea Manning statue unveiled in Berlin

A statue made in tribute to Chelsea Manning has been erected in Berlin.

Alongside Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, the trans Wikileaks soldier were revealed last week in the Alexanderplatz public square in the heart of the German capital city.

Created by Italian sculptor Davide Dormino, the life-size bronze statues are part of an art project entitled Anything To Say.

The three figures stand on chairs, while a fourth stays empty. This is intended to represent the viewer of the piece.

‘Thanks to Assange, Snowden and Manning, you know the limits of freedom,’ the artist says.

‘You know you are spied on every hour of every day. You know how governments kill and torture alleged enemies… We will honor their courage by erecting a monument…’

The statues will begin touring Europe from next month. It will head to Dresden in Germany, cities in Switzerland and Paris, France.