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Chemsex drug dealer leading ‘Breaking Bad’ lifestyle jailed for 45 months

Chemsex drug dealer leading ‘Breaking Bad’ lifestyle jailed for 45 months

Methamphetamine, more commonly known as crystal meth, is a common chemsex or party'n'play drug

A 49-year-old man from Streatham in South London has been jailed for 45 months on drug dealing charges. Andrew Hume was previously a part-time cookery teacher.

However, he made significantly more money as a dealer of chemsex drugs. These are illegal substances some gay men take for partying or to boost sexual experiences.

Hume faced sentencing at Inner London Crown Court today after a police raid on his Natal Road home in 2016.

‘The go-to person to obtain crystal meth within the chemsex scene’

During the raid, police found 64 grams of crystal meth hidden inside a footstool. The drug has a street value of £12,800 ($16,600/€14,700). They also found three liters of GBL.

Among Hume’s possessions was a laptop with a sticker on it for the TV show Breaking Bad. The TV show focusses on a teacher who moonlights as a drug dealer.

Hume admitted possession of drugs but denied supplying them to others. He claimed the large quantity of GBL was for cleaning a friend’s car.

However, police found what they believe where lists of people he supplied to in his bedroom.

Prosecutor Bill McGivern said, ‘Given the quantity, we say he was intending to supply all of it because there is too much for personal use.

‘He was supplying to larger numbers of people, including those who attended his dinner parties.

‘He was the go-to person to obtain crystal meth and that was within the chemsex scene.’

‘Cardinal Hume’

Hume, who used the moniker ‘Cardinal Hume’ in text messages, had not worked since 2013. Despite this, police identified large quantities of money going in and out of his bank accounts. This included £18,000 sent to a Philippines bank account.

Today’s hearing was halted twice when Hume became upset in the dock and began sobbing. His defending barrister, Liam Edwards, said his client knew that a custodial sentence was likely.

‘This is as drug not widely used. It is primarily used in the gay community in small circles for chem sex.

‘He has come today with a bag – he knows he is going to prison, there is no other option.’

Nicholas Harman

Besides Hume, the court also sentenced another man, Nicholas Harman, 36, also of Streatham, to three years and six months.

Prosecutors assert Harman was Hume’s supplier. Harman was found guilty of possession with intent to supply crystal meth, possession with intent to supply GBL, fraudulently evading prohibition by importing GBL, offering to supply crystal meth, offering to supply GBL, possession of MDMA and possession of ketamine.

Harman failed to turn up for his court appearance and was sentenced in his absence.

Hume was found guilty of possession with intent to supply GBL, possession with intent to supply crystal meth, smuggling and possession of GBL and two counts of possession of criminal property.

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