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Cher blasts Trump over trans military ban

Cher blasts Trump over trans military ban


Superstar Cher has blasted US President Donald Trump for the implementation of the trans military ban.

The controversial ban came into effect yesterday (12 April), effectively barring all transgender people from being in the US military.

Cher took to Twitter last night to express her anger.

‘Transgender Military Ban Goes In2 Effect 2day,’ she tweeted. ‘My [heart emoji] Breaks 4 The More Than 6000 Trans Soldiers, Whose life’s Dream It Is, 2 Serve & Protect Fellow Citizens.

‘This Is Another Example Of trump Pandering 2 His Rightwing Base. Trump”HAS NO CONVICTIONS”. HE HAS VINDICTIVENESS 4 EFFECT,’ she wrote.

Cher wasn’t the only one to call out Trump for his trans military ban yesterday.

Hillary Clinton called the move ‘abhorrent’, while Stacey Abrams called it ‘irresponsible’.

But it’s not the first time the Believe singer has hit out at the POTUS for anti-trans initiatives.

In January this year, she tweeted her support for her trans son, Chaz Bono.

‘No One Is Really Safe In trump’s America Unless They’re [a] MEMBER OF MAR-A-LAGO, LIVE IN trump TOWER, WHITE, OR WEARS MAGA HAT,’ she tweeted. ‘My Amazing Trans Son Is Kind, Smart, Strong Loving, Talented, & Patriotic American.’

She then added: ‘Trump “Judges NO ONE By The The Content Of Their Character”’

Tracking the trans troops ban 

When Trump first announced the ban in 2017, he received widespread backlash to his decision.

A month after that, he issued a memorandum declaring the end of trans service at the start of 2018.

But by the end of the year, a lower US court ruled against the policy and a judge said trans troops must be allowed to join.

Trump issued a new policy in March 2018, a more watered-down version of his initial expansive plan.

His efforts to reverse the Obama administration’s pro-trans policies was subject to four court challenges.

However, the US Supreme court struck down all four injunctions. Lifting blocks on the ban. Even a last-ditch appeal was struck down.

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