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Cher fears if ‘a**hole’ Trump is elected it will mean an ‘end to gay marriage’

Cher fears if ‘a**hole’ Trump is elected it will mean an ‘end to gay marriage’

Cher has been a major star for more than 50 years.

Cher admits she is ‘traumatized’ by the idea of Donald Trump becoming the president of the United States.

‘He’s an a–hole,’ she said at the One Young World Summit in Ontario, Canada. ‘I don’t know how he is a candidate, he is so dangerous. What he brings to my country, what he has awakened in my country is bigotry and distrust and a certain kind of supremacy in certain groups.’

‘He’s so terrific at lying, I’ve never seen anybody so good,’ she added. ‘I could go on and on on this subject forever, because I’m so traumatized by him.’

An Academy Award winning actress and a recording star since the 1960s, Cher fears for LGBTI equality should Trump manage to defeat Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for whom she has campaigned.

‘They will put an end to gay marriage (and) to gay adoption,’ said Cher, a longtime gay icon and the mother of transgender actor Chaz Bono.

Now 70, Cher said she fears the most for the millennials who have not gotten behind Clinton in the way they did Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012.

‘She screwed up,’ Cher said of Clinton’s use of a private email server while Secretary of State. ‘But I’ve known her a long time and she will do her best. She’s a politician but she will do her best.’

‘If you look at her from the beginning of her life until now, she’s worked hard for people.’