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Cher, Jodie Foster, and more want you to vote – so you better do it

Cher, Jodie Foster, and more want you to vote – so you better do it


On the fence about voting in next week’s midterm elections in the United States? Then listen to the wise words of Cher, Jodie Foster, Laverne Cox, and more women.

In a new ad, directed by Foster, a slew of women talk about the issues that matter to them — and ask if they matter to you.

If they do, they say, you need to vote.

‘Women’s voices are being listened to in a way that they haven’t been before,’ Foster said. ‘And it’s not just women candidates. It’s women voters and women activists.

Foster continued: ‘Women across the country have concerns and strong points of view and they can make a difference by going to the polls on November 6. We hope that this campaign, featuring familiar faces in the entertainment industry, will inspire others to share their views and more importantly take action on Election Day. It really matters.’

These are the issues on the line

‘What matters to you?’ Cher asks in the video.

Women like Olivia Munn, Ellen Pompeo, and Julianne Moore list off a variety of things that matter: healthcare, pre-existing conditions, mass shootings, freedom of speech.

In the US, LGBTI people face barriers receiving healthcare with which their straight peers aren’t familiar.

‘If gun reform matters,’ Piper Perabo says in the video.

Over the weekend, 11 people were killed at a shooting in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, including a prominent HIV doctor.

‘If basic human rights matter, then vote,’ Lily Tomlin adds.

An unprecedented number of LGBTI people and women are running for public office this year.

Mike Bloomberg, producer of the video, said: ‘It is hard to overstate the importance of this election. Our environment and our health are on the line.

‘The good news is that more women are running than ever before, and female voters overwhelmingly support Democratic candidates for the House and Senate.’

The midterm elections are on 6 November.

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