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Cher says her dyslexia makes her even more simpatico with gays

Cher says her dyslexia makes her even more simpatico with gays

Cher has been a gay icon for nearly all of her 50-year career.

It’s no doubt due to her early embrace of her gay fans, her kick-ass persona, her music and, of course, her fabulous hair and clothes.

But while making yet another fundraising appearance for Hillary Clinton this week, the Oscar winner talked about another reason why she feels so simpatico with LGBTI people: her dyslexia.

‘I understand, and I think this is a thing that I share with my gay brothers and sisters, that I understand shame-for-no-reason,’ she said at The Park on 10th Avenue in New York City.

‘I understand trying to overcome what you shouldn’t have to overcome, something that’s just natural, that we are, the people who we are, the colors that we are.’

Cher has been barnstorming particularly hard for Democratic candidate Clinton in recent weeks and been tweeting up a storm.

She told the crowd she cannot help but be triggered by Republican nominee Donald Trump.

‘Donald Trump just comes to my mind and it’s just like, I drama-queen out—I’m not kidding. I tried really hard not to say horrible things about him, but I can’t help myself … He doesn’t mean, “Let’s make America great again,” he means, “Let’s make America straight and white again.”’

Source: Boy Culture