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Cher sends her love to gay teens kidnapped, tortured in Russia

Cher sends her love to gay teens kidnapped, tortured in Russia

Cher has paid tribute to LGBTI Russians, describing them as ‘brave warriors’ today (21 October).

The ‘Dark Lady’ singer and living legend also promoted a recent documentary, Hunted, which showed the plight of gay youth suffering under the country’s anti-gay laws.

She tweeted: ‘Sending Love 2 Our Gay Brothers & Sisters, Being Held Hostage in Russia.

‘Their ONLY Crime is Being True 2Themselves!

‘They R Brave Warriors.’

Cher continued by including the hashtag to the documentary: ‘

Last year, GSN revealed how fascist leaders were spearheading the campaign against LGBTI teens.

They create profiles on social media, seduce young men into meeting them for a ‘date’, before they would be capture the victim and torture them on video.

The vigilante groups posted the horrific clips on the social networking site VK. Because of this, many of the men featured in the video were outed, forced to leave their jobs, and some committed suicide.

The group claimed they were targeting pedophiles, not gay people.

‘The vigilante groups are proud of what they do,’ Hunted director Ben Steele said recently on The Daily Show.

‘They believe that they are carrying out good acts, and they believe that they’re acting in the name of the majority of Russian people, and they believe they have the tacit support of the Russian authorities.’