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Cher tweets she ‘got a colonic’ for Madonna’s birthday

Cher tweets she ‘got a colonic’ for Madonna’s birthday

Gay icon Cher fuelled rumors of a spat between her and Madonna after joking on Twitter that she ‘got a colonic’ for the Material Girl’s birthday.

But not everyone saw the funny side of the Believe singer’s gag today (21 August), with followers accusing her of hating Madge, who celebrated turning 54 last week.

Cher was forced to explain herself, tweeting: ‘Ok i know you guys r going 2 go all "oh yeah Cher hates Madge" Thats NOT TRUE! just couldn’t let Joke go by! It was Funny 2 ME. Don’t B babies X’

In another tweet she added that she respected her as an artist and a woman.

Eventually, Cher brushed away any suggestions that Madonna might take offence, tweeting: ‘Dont think her knickers r in a twist cause i made joke’.

It’s not the first time the veteran pop singer has faced a Twitter backlash for her comments on Madonna.

In July, she posted a sarcastic comment about her most recent album’s name and admitted she used to have a very unflattering name for the star.