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Chicago police investigating sergeant who allegedly sexually assaulted trans woman

Chicago police investigating sergeant who allegedly sexually assaulted trans woman

Chicago police squad car

The Chicago Police Department are investigating if a former sergeant sexually assaulted a transgender woman while on-duty in March.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the unnamed woman said the sergeant forced her to perform oral sex in a marked police vehicle. She said the officer offered to make her one of his ‘regulars’ and also threatened her with arrest.

Police reports indicate the woman went to Rush University Medical Center on the evening of 5 March after the alleged incident. She implicated the officer while at the hospital.

The woman also gave the hospital DNA evidence and said it was from the officer during the attack.

What happened next?

In the full police report, the woman gave an account that she was out with her boyfriend the night of 5 March. The sergeant allegedly pulled up beside them in a police car and demanded the woman perform a sex act on him if she didn’t want to be arrested.

She reportedly got into the passenger seat before he drove away, leaving the boyfriend behind.

After going to the hospital, she left without being tested with a rape kit and speaking to police, out of fear of retalation.

She added the attack ‘had really f***ed her up and she had not returned to the area since the incident’.

Following the incident, Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said the department stripped a sergeant of his police powers on 6 April following an internal investigation.

Less than a week later, the sergeant retired, which he claimed he had announced months earlier.

Police are still waiting for the results of the DNA sample.

Not the first time the sergeant’s been in trouble

The same sergeant who was investigated and retired had been in trouble with the department before. An investigation operated more than 20 years ago recommended his termination.

The investigation showed the sergeant and an officer threatened to send a former inmate back to jail on falsified drug charges if the convicted felon didn’t turn over an illegal firearm.

Instead, the sergeant and his partner received only 30-day suspensions.

An imbalanced power dynamic

Rev. Marshall Hatch, pastor of the New Mount Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church on the West Side, said occurrences like these aggravate the relationship between police officers and the black community.

‘The power dynamic is so disparate between a potential arrestee and an arresting officer,’ he said. ‘It’s never morally right. It’s a corrupted use of police power.’

GSN reached out to the Chicago Police Department and the state attorney’s office.

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