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Chicago Pride parade canceled as attendees told to seek shelter from severe weather

Chicago Pride parade canceled as attendees told to seek shelter from severe weather

Chicago Pride

Over the past month, millions of LGBTI people around the world celebrated Pride. Unfortunately for people in Chicago, their celebrations were cut short due to ‘inclement weather’.

Chicago Police tweeted out the announcement of the parade’s cancellation Sunday (30 June) afternoon, about 30 minutes before the parade was scheduled to end.

Authorities also told attendees to immediately seek shelter. The National Weather Service issued severe storm warnings and had been for several days.

Numerous states in the Midwest have seen devastating and deadly storms, some resulting in tornadoes, the past several months.

There were Severe Thunderstorm Watch alerts for several parts of Illinois the day of the parade.

Despite the early cancellation, people had still been able to enjoy the parade before the weather warnings rolled in and continued to celebrate inside.

‘Honored and humbled,’ says Chicago mayor

Mayor Lori Lightfoot, the city’s first openly gay mayor, attended the parade as grand marshal. She walked hand-in-hand with her wife, Amy Eshleman, as crowds cheered, still enjoying the sunny skies.

‘I feel honored and humbled to be serving as the grand marshal of this great celebration of pride and diversity and inclusion in our city,’ Lightfoot said.

‘It shouldn’t matter who you love to be a part of this great city. So as long as I am mayor, I am going to do everything I can to make our city welcoming.’

People tweeted about their disappointment and made observations about it ‘literally raining’ on the parade.

Regardless, long before the cancellation announcement, thousands of people attending the parade were all smiles and decked in their Pride best.

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