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New ‘child-friendly’ Google blocks LGBTI-related searches

New ‘child-friendly’ Google blocks LGBTI-related searches

Kiddle has caused controversy over its homophobic policies

Kiddle, the ‘child-friendy’ search engine launched on Tuesday (1 March), has blocked all LGBTI-related search queries.

Kiddle results are handpicked by editors or filtered by Google safe search, although it is not affiliated with the internet giant.

‘Sites appearing in Kiddle search results satisfy family friendly requirements, as we filter sites with explicit or deceptive content,’ the company says on its website.

Kiddle bans ‘bad words’ related to porn, death and drugs.

And has also blocked all LGBTI-related terms, such as gay, lesbian and bisexual.

‘Please realize that while Kiddle has nothing against the LGBT community, it’s hard to guarantee the safety of all the search results for such queries,’ an error message reads.

‘We recommend that you talk to your parent or guardian about such topics.’