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Chilean footballer under investigation for poking adversary in the butt

Chilean footballer under investigation for poking adversary in the butt

At a recent major match between Uruguay and Chile at the Copa America one player let his competitive spirit get the best of him.

Gonzalo Jara, a defender for the Chilean team, aggressively put his finger between another player’s buttcheeks: Edinson Cavani a striker, in an incident which is now being investigated by the South American confederation (CONMEBOL).

Cavani responded by lightly pushing him away, though Jara threw himself upon the ground as if he’d been struck.

Oddly, the result was that Cavani received a second yellow card: presumably because the referee had only a front-on perspective, which would not have allowed him to make out the offending fingering.

With Cavani off the field, Chile very quickly scored a goal – the only one during the game – and Uruguay lost.

Colombian coach Jose Pekerman said the incident was an embarrassing one for South American football: ‘We all want to win and there is pressure on everyone to win, but the contest has to be noble.’

Despite the victory, Jara may not be continueing with Chile: on Friday an investigation into Jara’s actions was launched.

The Bundesliga club’s sporting director Christian Heidel told a German tabloid Bild that Jara’s time at the team may be over soon. ‘We do not tolerate that. What makes me more angry than the prod, however, is what happens after. There is nothing I hate more than theatrics.

‘He knows that if an offer comes in, he can go.’