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Chilean military officers accused of gay bashing

Chilean military officers accused of gay bashing

A Chilean gay man has accused three military officers of beating him in a homophobic attack.

On 22 May, Francisco Aleman Casas and a friend reportedly left a gay club in the Bellavista neighborhood after 4am. The three soldiers in civilians clothing allegedly approached Casas and started shouting homophobic slurs.

They then reportedly started kicking and punching the victim. The victim has released a first-hand account of the incident with photos of his injuries on a gay online radio website in Chile

According to Casas, the police initially didn’t want to arrest the three soldiers, reportedly from the Buin Regiment.

Casas threatened to expose the incident on social media networks.

In an interview with Chilevision Noticias, Casas reported that the assailants and victim were detained in the same cell for questioning. The soldiers are currently being held as the incident is under investigation.

Gay rights group Movimiento Por La Diversidad Sexual told Chilevision Noticias that Chile’s new anti-discrimination law is not enough to protect homosexuals in Chile.

The Chilean Congress passed a law 9 May that allows people to file anti-discrimination lawsuits for crimes committed against them based on their sexual orientation or gender.

Movimiento Por La Diversidad Sexual claims that the law is lacking in terms of protection against attacks and penalties for crimes.