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China CEO posts banned gay ad

China CEO posts banned gay ad

The CEO of a Chinese e-commerce company has posted a banned gay advert on social media that has since gone viral.

The poster did not pass censors but Li Guoqing on Tuesday uploaded the advert to his Weibo account – the Chinese version of Twitter – anyway, making Dangdang the first mainland company to openly support LGBTI people.

The poster shows two men walking hand in hand above the words: ‘I fear prejudice but I dare to love.’

The poster was for the ‘Dare to Do, Dare to Be’ campaign, which celebrates the company’s fifteenth anniversary.

At the time of writing, the post had 2,000 likes, 4,000 forwards and 1,000 comments.

Li Guoqing wrote, ‘This was the only poster in the “Dare to Do, Dare to Be” series that did not pass checks. I still hope everyone can see the content expressed in this poster – tolerance, understanding and peace are also attitudes of daring to do and daring to be.

‘In this era full of insincerity, anyone who dares pursue true love should be applauded.’

His post was forwarded by Chinese real estate mogul Ren Zhiqiang to his 16 million followers.

Stone Yang, CEO of think3 branding and marketing group, said Dangdang was probably the first mainland Chinese firm to openly say LGBTI people should be treated fairly.

The next day, Li posted the uncensored video advert on video sharing site Youku.

He wrote, ‘To be honest, when filming this advert I was afraid it wouldn’t pass checks. But didn’t we say in the video, "Courage is doing things we’re afraid of?"’